With a heavy heart - selling my Mini 2 Fly more combo and extras - [SOLD]

With original pristine box - make a great gift
Mini 2 drone
Remote Controller
3 batteries inc 3 battery Charging station
Carry bag
Fast Charger
RC to phone/tablet cables inc iPhone, Micro USB, and USB C.
Comes with everything in the kit… all spares are un-opened and unused.

It’s around 18 months old.

Flight Time.3.62 hours

Flight Distance 15.6 Km

Battery details

Battery 1 = 6 cycles
Battery 2 = 8 cycles
Battery 3 = 9 cycles

Cost £549.00 from Wex Photographic (UK) 29th Mar 2021

Comes with:

2 x Strobon Crees (one White and one Red) need holders for Mini 2 or use my adapter included.

cost £27

A collapsible/foldable Take off Pad £6.99

Mini 2 leg extensions £4.99

Harness and ABS adapter fitted to Controller £7.99

Will accept £399.00 plus post and insurance at cost.

More photos next

Phone NOT included obviously LOL (for display purposes only

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forgot… includes a 64Gb MicroSd

cost me £12

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What is the firmware version on the drone?

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I’d have to unpack it… LOL

I did all updates up till the latest one and declined the latest as having to sell it.

If it’s really important i can unpack and check?

Can you tell off the app alone?

No, it needs to be connected to the drone.


I’ll do that then…

just tried just now.


Dont go to any hassle mate, it was just a thought that may have helped your sale. I would be slightly tempted so I could replace mine after DJI sending me one with shit firmware. But only slightly.

no it was a good point… I hear some don’t like certain firmware.

This worked great with the Redmi 10 Pro (suggested by members here) on current firmware and Fly app version.

Forgot to put location.

I’m in Birmingham (UK) don’t mind a pick up here if preferred. post is around £10

I’ve put it on eBay too if someone prefers to go that route… (prefer paypal anyway).

Did you get the 80% off variable fees email for this weekend and use it? If not it may be worth delisting and waiting until you get one or a £1/£2 final selling fee. At the very least otherwise eBay are gonna get £39 off you.

Depends how quickly you need/want the cash I guess.

Also sorry to hear you’ve come to the conclusion to sell.

thanks @firstadekit

yes I did get a reminder of lower fees… it would have been a chunk of loss there.

appreciated :blush:

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Yes money is a bit tight but the sad thing is that for the 216 minutes of use over about 18 months comes to around a paltry 8 minutes use a month on average but really just worked out to half hour or so every 2 1/2 months if it wasn’t raining or a gale - frustrating!

Can’t faulty to quality of the images though and there was ‘some’ fun.

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Sorry don’t mean to hijack the thread , but just a reminder seller need to deactivate the drone on their dji account or the drone won’t work when new person gets it
Regards rob

Thanks for that. It’s not a hi jack.

I did look this up and some stress said the was nothing to do.

Apparently not then. Any YT video on this?

If i do deactivate it, I presume i can’t demonstrate it then?


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just looked up some information… on DJI site

I don’t have to connect my device to the mini 2 to unbind the Mini 2

I can do that easily on my phone as long as I still have the Fly app installed and access to the internet.
To remove the DJI Drone from the account, there is no need to connect the drone. But only the bound account can operate this function. Here is the path: Profile>Device Management>Account and Device>Remove device from account.

Thanks for the heads up @Rob-1468

@Grazuncle I just bought a used drone the other week & the guy just un bound from within the fly app
Correct the drone does not need to be on to do this .

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Sorry I thought it had to be done before buyer gets it , but learning every day lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Regards rob . Ps good luck with sale

Yes the seller needs to remove un bind before sale :+1:t2:

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