Wizzair drone policy

I have been through a previous post but didn’t find answers so that’s why I am asking here.

I will be flying Wizzair soon and would like to obviously take my M2P with me.

Their website only mention batteries but nothing about drones.

I have the right bags to transport batteries and isolating terminals too plus will make sure to drain the batteries down.

My question is: has anyone taken their drone on a Wizzair flight? What was their experience?

Thank you

This guy mentions travelling Wizz with no issues.

Thanks @milkmanchris I’ve actually read that but was looking for personal opinion from members here as I don’t really Know who wrote that piece and could simply be another bit of web misinformation.

Might be worth ringing them and asking, although I did read another article that said no drones were allowed.

At the end of the day, it’s security that check your baggage and they generally don’t ask who you are flying with.

The only odd one I have flown with is Emirates who state the drone must be in checked baggage.

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Thanks Chris
If that is the save, I’ll plan to do just that. Take the drone and see what happens.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed