Woodhead Reservoir by drone


The default player by posting just the URL is rather small …. the tips in Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To show how to create the larger player with additional features :

Paul - you’ve some bloody excellent panos on your Kuula account! :+1::+1::+1:

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Paul is the king of the pano in these parts, the M2P gives some really stunning results with no post needed.

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Yes - that “no post” is a big plus … on the M2Z too, I guess.

No seen many users post them to compare.

My MP panos (with the exception of Hanagr RIP) all need some tweaking in stitching or levels etc, but the M2P are in the main fine off the card.

Should be the same on the Z … the only difference between them is the camera.

I grew up in crowden.