World’s first urban airport for drones and flying taxis to open in Coventry

Pretty interesting development… sooner than expected! Looks like flying drones in Coventry might get a lot harder…

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Wait until the first one crashes and there’s a root and branch overhaul of the regulations :wink: We’re doomed I tell thee, doooomed :slight_smile:


It doesn’t look great :grimacing:!! Unless they can carve out an intermediate operating altitude for these delivery drones in between manned and unmanned aircraft… we only have 400ft so hopefully they won’t carve out too much of our airspace. The advantage of these things being autonomous I guess is that they could theoretically use a small section of airspace with each other safely.

Take a look at EASA U-Space framework.

The recent changes we had were the first stage of this project.

Who knows how it will affect us now after Brexit but I imagine we will mirror it closely.


Sounds all very old BBC prog Tomorrows World stuff when the majority of ideas like this never came about…,Pie in the Sky?

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They’ve secured more funding.

The old saying in aviation about airlines etc…“Aviation attracts the nuts”
(They get over ambitious and lose money,.(other peoples usually)… :laughing:

@BigDog I’ve moved your post here ;o)

Looks like this is a slow burner

…Coventry City Council cabinet member, Jim O’Boyle said the start of building work showed the city was “leading the way” on transport innovation…
Yep just like Coventry airport…now sold to Sir Peter Rigby who aso owns Exeter Airport…Not used except by private small aircraft these days …and due to be built on with the new Gigafactory for car batteries…etc… :rofl:

Air-One will be used to host demonstrator flights, including those run by the West Midlands Police (pictured) and Skyfarer. And on the opening day, a huge bed-sized drone developed by Malloy Aeronautics will be flown from the hub – marking the first time a drone of this size has flown in an urban environment.

It was ‘always temporary’ apparently. Despite not one single article previously saying so.

Just like they shouted that Cov airport would be the place for the Giga EV battery factory…still awaiting someone to take up the offer…schemes of mice and men eh? :roll_eyes:

That lasted long, eh?

Still, at least it wasn’t a huge waste of everyone’s time and money :grimacing: