Wrapgrade Mavic Air

Great quality product from Japan. Looks awesome in the flesh as it were - pics don’t do it justice.

Three guesses who’s bored and away on business!


That looks superb. Really neat job.

How long did they take to arrive?

About two weeks. Got stuck at the post office as it had £4 VAT I needed to pay (for which the royal mail decided to charge an £8 handling fee!).

Quality is really good though and it’s not difficult to apply.


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Looks great!!

The more of these I see, the more I’m tempted to do my Mavic Pro :thinking:

Links to others:

Depending upon what emerges when genuine details of the MP2 emerge, I may trade up.
On that basis, keeping my MP pristine/oringinal to maximise potential sale price ( … though selling now would probably be better before the world and their dogs are doing the same. Hmmmmm ).

On that basis - I’m not currently interested in wrapping, since I think it makes selling more difficult … and I still, generally, quite like the original MP colour/finish.

But this does leave another question dangling … do these wraps come off easily without leaving any trace of their existence?

I’ve had similar vinyl wraps on ecig mods. They come off no problem and leave no trace. Only issue I had is the non wrapped parts don’t look quite as new.
Mods were generally painted, polished or powder coated alloy.

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I wish the massive (I got silly! I do mean MASSIVE!!) stickers on my car, that were put on for a charity fund raising cause, would come off easily! Need to warm them up so much I need to wait for a warm day otherwise … it’s a losing battle.