Wroxham on the Norfolk Broads


Title corrected to Wroxham, you might want to edit your thumbnail film title ;o)

That brings back memories. We had a holiday on The Broads many years ago and the marina at the start was where we hired the boat from. Is Roy’s of Wroxham (The World’s Largest Village Store) still there?
PS: Deadpool will be round later to speak to you about your typo. I’d blame the spell checker if it were me.

Im in a boat syndicate on The Broads so 4 weeks each year. Ive taken my drone a couple of times but generally been unlucky with the weather, or winds. Ill keep trying.

Yes, The World’s largest Village Store is still there.

We moored up at Wroxham in 1988​:joy:. Would love to go back, I just can’t justify the price of the hire boats now a days :scream:

Glad you enjoyed the video and brought some old memories back.