Yorkshire Drone Flyers Club Meet-up, Castle Hill, Huddersfield

What a great inaugural meet-up for the Yorkshire Drone Flyers club. A small group of us met up at Castle Hill, in Huddersfield for a bit of aerial photography. Was a bit grey and damp at the start, and quite breezy while we were there. Then the skies cleared a little, the sun came out and it turned in to quite a nice day. Quite a bit of flying was done, a mixture of Mini2s, DJI FPV and an Inspire 2, mince pies and jam donuts were consumed, then called at a nearby coffee house for cappucino, cake and chat.

Aerial pics from my Mini2, ground shots from my phone.



Looks like you had a good meet up

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Yes, good to catch up with like minded people. We were lucky with the weather though.

Isn’t the point of Meetups section to let people know there’s a meet going on rather than let them know what they missed out on? :rofl: Looks like you guys had a good day out at a nice place to fly, got some cool photos too :sunglasses:

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Good point, although it was a Yorkshire Drone Flyers club meet up.

I may have put this in the wrong section?

Oh…. Restricted attendance then :thinking::thinking:


Do they have a forum ?

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Nice, rival club meet… :rofl: guess its one of them secret handshake kinda deals :rofl: