YouTube drone channels, tutorials and recommendations

You tube drone videos content channels I watch do any of you watch others ?
Ian from London
51 drones
Drone film guide


Yes to all three!

That Suffolk Fox is worth a watch too…


I’m a fan of Aldryn Estacio at FlytPath :+1:


Good thread. I’ve got a few.

…and there are more!

Me too

Never heard of him


Two I like are Jeven Dovey and Pete McKinnon as they do a lot with drones but are also do a lot about making quality videos, which is something I am trying to understand more about.

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McKinnon is a must “Pwhats up”


I think he did a lot about the Spark

Brian it was in response to Suffolk fox :fox_face:
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Doh!!! :joy:

I am new to this hobby and have yet to buy my first drone, however, I have managed to gain a huge amount of information from this site, but also from watching videos on YouTube.
I have no idea how I stumbled on most of the videos I have watched, and I assume that the majority of them will have been suggested by YouTubes algorithms.

With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful if we could all share our favorite YouTube channels so that we can all get the most benefit from this valuable and educational resource.

I think my current favorite is the Idaho Quadcopter Channel
Idaho Quadcopter Channel
Marcus on this site presents the information in a very friendly, easy-going way, and is often learning himself as he flys his drones.

Next is FlytPath
The production quality is streets ahead, and I find his content very interesting

The last one is Ian of London
Ian of London
Obviously a local guy (and the reason I found this site as well)
High quality, UK based content, presented in an easy to understand and easy to watch way.

I think also special mention should go to Old Mr. Kent
Old Mr. Kent
A charming channel, and proof that there is room for everyone on YouTube

I hope this is posted in the right place and doesn’t break any rules, but think it might be a good way to discover other useful channels


Mr @ianinlondon is on my list along with iKopta he’s pretty good :+1:t4: And also DFG drone film guide. :ok_hand:

All UK based guys. The only one overseas would be Mr Edd Ricker :+1:t4:

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Oh yes, I like iKopta’s style too (and now know how to mention someone on here :slight_smile:

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Not subscribed to many drone channels but used to watch a lot of Quadcopter101

He reviews most of the Banggood/Gearbest drone catalogue.

Another reviewer,

Good scenery in his reviews. Does a lot of range tests.

Thanks … by the way, how did you get the format of your YouTube link (putting it in a box)?

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Just the channel URL pasted into its own line - no spaces before/after.

What a great find! His voice reminds me of the voice over on Baz Luhrmann’s Sunscreen.

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Flytpath is very good.

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