Yup! finally in full acro

Finally in full acro. Now i need to learn how to get the bloddy thing down low :slight_smile:



Throttle control, it’s an art form lol

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Nice one! So much more freedom don’t you think?

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Well done mate, I suppose practice makes perfect hopefully ill be there soon :+1:t3:

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Nice flying :ok_hand:t2: I was going to say come to the Big Meet this weekend and have some more practice but then I’ve just seen where you’re located :confused: lol


@notveryprettyboy Yeah, but nothing like DRL that i bought. The DJIFPV seems far more floaty/stable.

@BigDog Deffo. I spent mayby 20 batteries in sport mode with large rotation on. Getting low and gaps. Then ventured into manual with the attitude mode on for 3 batteries and 3hrs on DRL sim before full acro mode. Now i need to learn how to actually fly the thing in acro nevermind flippy flops and TOPGUN barrel rolls :rofl:
On a side note, sport mode is fun and learning the tight turns did absolutely nothing for me as tight turns in acro seems to be stick in same direction. But its all a learning curve.

Oh, and i have used so far:
2 sets props
one motor mount (quick field fix with plastic)
one front arm (fitting this weekend) patched with black nasty
an LED cover
one set of battery rubber feet.
And it is still flying well!

@SirGunner Haha, yes a wee Norn Iron man here. But i have met up with some amazing FPV guys here. Power of the internet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: However this forum seems to be more of the mature of us :rofl: