2018 Fireworks Challenge


Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves some winners :tada:

The judges have scored all 10 valid entries, each judge’s scores have been ranked from 1st to 10th, all the ranks have then been averaged, and then those averages have been ranked for the final positions.

The 2018 Fireworks Challenge Winner - Bronze goes to @PaperCrane for his video:

The 2018 Fireworks Challenge Winner - Silver goes to @MementoMori for his photo:

And last, but most certainly first, the 2018 Fireworks Challenge Winner - Gold goes to…

<cue drum roll...>

:tada: @chrisjohnbaker for his outstanding photo :tada:

Congratulations to @chrisjohnbaker - well deserved :trophy:

And indeed, congratulations (and thank you!) to everyone who entered!! Just capturing media for our annual Fireworks Challenge is a challenge in itself!

Stay tuned, our next challenge kicks off in around two weeks.

Or should I say challenges… plural… :wink:

Plot twist!



Congratulations to @PaperCrane, @MementoMori and @chrisjohnbaker



Thank you Guys, I am deeply humbled !.
A big well done to my fellow winners @MementoMori and @PaperCrane
This definitely one badge I will wear with pride, next to my Poppy


:clap::clap: well done


Congrats to @chrisjohnbaker @MementoMori and @PaperCrane :clap::tada::clap::tada::clap::tada:


Congrats to all who took part and to the winners well done


Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.
Thank you very much, I feel very honoured.
Thank you again and congratulations to @chrisjohnbaker and @PaperCrane and all who entered :clap: :fireworks:


Congratulations to all!! Some beautiful photos and videos. I look forward to trying to accomplish drone fireworks shots when I get some in my area. Truly impressive work by all


Well done @chrisjohnbaker, @mementomori and @PaperCrane.

Really great entries.


I’m intrigued :thinking:

Thank you @PingSpike, @OzoneVibe, @chrisjohnbaker, @GrahameRob, @sparkman999, @SpininB, @callum

I’m looking forward to the next one now, and hopefully less wind and rain.


looking forward!!


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Well done chaps. Only 12 months to practice until the next lot.
New Years fireworks mini task? :joy:


Well done to the worthy winners, some great stills and videos :+1:


I’ll 2nd that!!! Well done you guys!!! Awesome entries :clap:


Nice work gentlemen. And so brave flying in the dark.
It is so satisfying to note the contrast between the vibe on the UK site vs the US mavic site. It is all so angry and concerned with things like drones being shot down, vs our lyrical, artistic and friendly approach, cheers, here’s to many more competitions.


I still reckon you deserve a “ I flew on the Dark Side” Badge ,Tim !


Thank you @UnluckyTimmeh, @Paul_M, @sunstone, @DougT


All deserved, great stuff guys


Thanks all. Sorry it’s taken me some time to respond. Poxy wifi in this corner of Arizona.

Love those two photos. Great shot @chrisjohnbaker - wish I’d had the guts to fly a bit higher!