2018 Fireworks Challenge


Thank you Rich, not as good as I was hoping for.


Nice set there Rich


Thank you Jeff :+1:


I really like the middle one.

I might need to spend some time picking your brains if you don’t mind. Your eye for a photograph and ability to edit & make the best of it is way better than mine.


Thank you Russell, I’ll try my best to help but I just follow the basic rules for photography when I can.
I don’t consider myself as that good but I’m pleased with most of the images I post.


Here is what I was hoping for…but some SERIOUSLY close shaves, sometime with more drones than sense I’d say… Ok just to make sure NO ONE thinks this is my work!! It’s not…some kid of youtube


those are some very nice shots!


Thank you Bonny.


I’m sure I’ve seen that one before, some good shots and at least it was over water I suppose, not that I would have risked it.
I wonder how many scorch marks were on it :grinning:


love the video with the music :smile:


Blimey, saw that video at least 3 years ago, if not longer.
Done in the good ole days of the “rounded horizon”.
never the less, had balls to fly into that lot !.


I’d do it, but not with my own :rofl:


Which one wouldn’t you fly…?


Phantom 4 Pro unless you are offering an Inspire 2 :laughing:


Sorry for the last min entry but the display I wanted to get wasn’t on till tonight to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1.

This was taken tonight 11/11/18 at 17:45 - 18:00 from North Shields of South Shields display. This is was my first time flying at night and the Mavic was over 1km away from me over the River Tyne, a very scary experience.

Two other drones were out for this display on the other side of the Tyne as my mate who was spotting for me pointed out the green and red light and asked “which ones yours” :cold_sweat: Luckily we spotted mine as I went up and down in height to find it.


Thanks for the last minute entry @GrahameRob :+1:

And a reminder for @sunstone -

If you could please :+1:


Didn’t give the 100 anniversary for WW1 fireworks a thought.
Must have good eyes flying over 1km away in the dark, just saying.


It’s a lot easier to see it that far away in the dark compared to the daylight. You can see the flashing green rear light


The Fireworks Challenge is now CLOSED!


very nice!