2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


So that’s 4 dronie entries in one? :wink:


Furry Muff Rich mate :+1:
I have just checked it with Airdata and it says -3.7, my fingers would have said otherwise :smiley:


that crowd in the background on the selfie?, surely that’s not the crowd waiting for the Burgers !!


The ones by the van - yes - but there’s also a load of bikers there. The place is VERY popular for biker meets and car meets. (There was a few interesting cars today - full race Dodge and others.)

That van is busy all day every day 365/year. During working hours truckers/van/others working in their car … keep the place busy.

The whole car park was jammed packed at 4pm … on a very chilly day!

The food is superb and very sensibly priced. Guaranteed formula!


Must add that to my “Roadside” places to eat when in your area !


There’s another far-lesser and not recommended one in the next layby about half a mile further west. Make sure it’s Micks Monster Burgers! :+1:




The snow that was being forecast for down here in the South for the wee hours of Wed morning seems to have been removed …. but there’s still hope later in the week!


@OzoneVibe YAY make it snow down south,could do with a few days off work !:+1::+1:


Derbyshire members …. out you get … NOW!




You’ll be topping the leaderboard within the hour, then!


No it’s too wet so disappearing as quick as it lands


Awesome :ok_hand:

This snow stuff ive’ been hearing about actually exists! :laughing:


Cooooome to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


What are the blue dots ?


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UK Snow Map





Way too few! :+1:


Looks like one over Gatwick again :joy::joy: