2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


All quiet for the last week…

Still plenty of time to enter, six weeks or so to go still :smiley:


Everyone’s waiting for this …


Yep and as soon as it comes outside building a snowman doing a dronei whilst makin snow angels I know a house that still has decorations up might ask them to turn them on could get quite a lot done in a few days :laughing: might even punctuate some of my posts and breathe lol


Battery powered tree lights - head to a forest … etc. :+1:


Here’s hoping!!! :+1:


saw snow pictures on BBC weather watchers in Scotland so expecting winter challenge snow with white stuff from north of the boarder pretty soon!


Already snowing here :slight_smile:


So - snow all around the place, yesterday, albeit in only moderate amounts (none here in Southampton) … and that hasn’t produced a single entry?

Supposed to be some snow about, in many places, from the early hours of Tuesday until the afternoon.


No snow but a steeple does that start me off? at Hever this afternoon only photo I took all the rest was video that I need to edit


Did anyone get any snow? It just rained here :confused:

Yup, that’s # 25 on the treasure hunt list!

Welcome to the Challenge :smiley:


Saw lots of pics like this yesterday.



Wow :open_mouth:

Send some North please :grimacing:


South!! Send it SOUTH!! You’re already up north! Find your own snow! :stuck_out_tongue:

Shefield is much nearer you than it is to me.


Does this count, I must buy gloves!


If you had flown the drown that would have been a point for flying at -5!


I did Brian … St benets


Right, so, finally the moons of time, weather and opportunity aligned, and I’ve my first photo.

My favourite walk in the Chilterns is in Midsomer Murders country, but the village at the centre of my figure of eight is Turville, which features heavily in Moorse, Killing Eve, and, I think, Turville Windmill was used in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Anyway, this photo isn’t there (!)

It’s nearby Ibstone church. Last year, I’ll post in the media section, it was much more wintry in the snow, but today’s been a lovely day for a walk.

Had a nice chat with somebody desperate to buy a Mavic, and also saw another, I think, Mavic in the air near Fingest, so sorry for not saying hi if you were there, but the friend I was with was in gallop mode! Fingest church is actually a lot more interesting, with a double spire, but it’s more crowded, and I wasn’t in the mood for any confrontations.

Not (quite) the Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge

Leaderboard updated!

Welcome to the Challenge both @scorps and @Renni-Aire :clap:t2:

Thank you both for entering :slight_smile:

Paul, much as we’d like to accept the car dashboard as a credible source, we’d like the source of the -5C° or below to come from AirData or UAVForecast (purely because they’re drone related sources!) However we would accept any other weather provider web site (Wunderground, BBC, MetOffice, etc).

If we were to accept the dashboard as proof we’d open the flood gates to people sharing temperature screen shots from the smart watches, their DIY weather stations, their neighbours cat, etc :blush:

If you can get a verified source of -5C° or below, please do post the photo you took here in this thread and join the Winter Treasure Hunt - there’s still plenty of time left! :smiley:


Dronie of me and a few off here Brianb,longstride ,ozonevibe and mrs scorps


Thanks @scorps - we’ll add this in to the next leaderboard update :smiley: