2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


Yup - “Promises! Promises!” :confused:


Oh yeah! Thanks for the heads-up on that one.

Now that I’ve seen it in action, it all makes perfect sense. Even to me :wink: :+1:


What App is that you are using Dave?


For the snow forecasts? Not an app - a website.


(I just borrowed their images. :wink: )


Thanks, did’nt know if it was a phone App.:+1:


Apparently they have an iOS app



Just down loaded the app to try and think the website is better and easier to use. App deleted!


Useful to know.


I went out the other morning, and completely forgot to enter the pics. I expected lots of other people to put in some snowy entries, which would have reminded me!

So… . A snowy field:

And a sunrise (just, as was already late for work) through trees:


Me too! :frowning:


Congrats on entering the Challenge @andy_bee_1 :clap:t2:

Leaderboard updated.

This update sees @andy_bee_1 enter in joint 9th place alongside @TassyWass :+1:t2:


Rich you said my dronie would be added to the leaderboard when updated :cry:




So just hearing roads closed in Cumbria due to snow :snowman:. Expecting some more snow photos to be coming through soon from the north.

Better go find me some log cabins - no snow required!!!


Supposed to be some going through early evening, down south here, but that just means combined night/snow/high-winds …. which will be interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:



Not sure flying though that is worth the points!


There’s always the Speed Freak badge! Might find a way to give a bonus if achieved at night whilst snowing. :+1:




So latest entry if for the log cabin - now, not residential and not some romantic cabin in the mountains in the snow but hoping this will get the judges approval :wink: and the sign does say log cabins!!!


I would love one of them for a workshop.