2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


After some discussion @BrianB we have to say that your Log Cabin entry is sadly not eligible.

Mainly because there’s not a single log in sight :blush:

Without wishing to be rude to the company that make them, they are sheds and summerhouses - and very nice they are too, but Log Cabins they are not :confused:

As we said to Jay in a previous post, these would be considered log cabins. They are cabins, made out of logs :smiley:




@BrianB … wait till they’re covered in snow and try again … by then @PingSpike would have forgotten about them .


Happy to go with the judges decision

But I did look at the link which included

Which looked a lot like this!

But back on the search again… :joy:


Alrighty… now we finally have snow. These have all been taken today and yesterday in Ayrshire.

A little dronie of me… which also ends with a big field covered in snow and some snow-covered pine trees:
Playing with the Asteroid

Sunrise (well, as ‘rise’ as it gets at this time of year… it was the first we saw of it today at least) through the trees. Oh, and that is another field:

More fields and pine trees:


No snow on the south coast - but very cold.

Been intending to try out a quiet and legal take off spot in Chichester for some time to photograph the cathedral - not the best morning but did find some chimneys with smoke coming out! Funny how the smoke is much more obvious in the video than on the still image. That the Bishops Palace Gardens in the foreground, which is open to the public and a nice place to have a quiet break in the summer.

If you look at the video you can see that the left hadn’t side roof is green and the right hand side in a muted brown. After the war the Cathedral was given a new copper roof that gradually turned green, something us locals have always liked as it stands out so well across the City. However, the roof had been deteriorating so its being replaced. These are some of the last photos showing the green roof.
No snow on the south coast - but very cold.


The Leaderboard has been updated tonight ladies and gents!

Tonights updates see @BrianB advance his lead by another point and he also claims the first Smoke rising from house chimneys entry :+1:t2:

This update also welcomes @JoeC to the Challenge!! And he enters straight in at joint 6th place alongside @DTH :clap:t2:

And just to remind everyone, it’s still not too late to enter, there are another four weeks or so still to go!


#5 Snow covered field.

#6 Snow covered pine trees.

#9 The sun’s reflection in water.

#20 Flying whilst it’s snowing.


Forgot to add location as Pontsticill reservoir, Brecon Beacons for the photos, and Trefil for the flying in snow, that came as a bit of a shock.


Link to video does not work


Thank you Chris, I had it set to private, I did wonder why there wasn’t a thumbnail.
Try it now.




beautiful captures @MementoMori and great snow video


Thank you Brian.


Cracking pics there @MementoMori. Fantastic shots


Stunning photos! Really liking them. Feel cold just looking at them :ok_hand:


A very quick shot this morning, nipped out of work with my M2P to grab this.

Does this pass for No19 ? - Smoke rising from house chimneys ??


Number 10 Photo taken at -5°c.


dubious, central heating stack, (condensing water)?


Aaaah ‘Smoke’ . who has smoke these days? Its all E-cigs n Vapes! …and steam!!! ;p

But yes it is steam from a (sort of) chimney?

**must try harder