2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


not many!, i would have to head to the country, to a really old house .


Theres a few old houses around me and I had a quick survey and only managed to grab that one.

Folk up 'ere must be saving their pennies! :wink:


Thank you both.


Great Photos Richard, resolution & focus is spot on! .


Thank you Chris.


Sorry forgot to add that the -5° pic was taken this morning 31st at 07.20ish at NE12 9SZ


Now that’s determined :joy: hope you had good gloves on…


I went round looking loads looking for cooking chimneys and found few people seem to have fires lit in the morning. Most were in the evening but when it was to dark to photograph them!

Mine was a bonus as I was there to photograph the cathedral and only saw the chimney smoke afterwards.


I start work at 07:00 and quickly nipped out to get a pic before the boss got in at half past :joy:


Number 19 Smoke rising from a house chimney on a frosty day


Careful with the Drone Code there Grahame, just saying.


Aye I know :flushed: soon as point granted video will be taken down :joy::joy:


Will these hyperboloid cooling towers do? Radcliffe Power Station off A453 Nottingham.


certainly looks frosty and definitely smoke coming out :+1:


It just has FREEZING written all over it. I dont know about Slim but I only flew mine for a minute or two today and my fingers were falling off


Hey Richard, just looking at the vid which bit couldve been dicing with the drone code ?
Was it too close to the building perhaps ?:thinking:


Where had you taken off from?.


That was my thinking, closer than 50m for sure.


Come on guys lets draw attention to the vid :joy: I took off from my back garden (which we have all done), went straight up and took the video of my chimney on my roof producing smoke from my log burner (Defra approved) that I lit to burn my logs that I bought. Just saying :+1:


Sorry, perhaps I should have said nothing, I was just looking out for you :no_mouth: