2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


This kind of snow would probably increase the challenge entries ….

Pssst, @SpininB … that’s your part of the world …. ish!


Na, this is REAL Ice !!

Not for the challenge though.


Could do an awesome snow angel in that! :joy:


Wouldn’t help the arthritis though…


My experience of snow of that sort of depth (leaping out of an apartment window two floors above the snow surface) is that you’d probably near suffocate yourself in the process. :wink:
It’s something I realised (afterwards) was rather badly thought out … even if the landing was the most incredible sensation.


Seeing as the weather forecast for the next couple of weeks looks pretty frost free, can I submit this picture of a Steam Train moving on a frosty day? You can see the frost on in the shadows of the trees where the sun is yet to reach. :slight_smile:

ps it was f…f…f… cold!


Swadlincote Ski Centre. Taken before angry man told me to stop filming… :wink:


@Slim - Thanks for submitting each entry in a separate post, it makes our life much easier when linking from the leaderboard :blush:

Cracking photo! The frost shadow pattern on the ground is brilliant :clap:t2:

And all bonus points awarded for the ski slope, with people on it, in the dark!

Leaderboard updated :+1:t2:

Today’s update sees @Slim steam up to 4th place (steam… see what I did there? :rofl:), just one point behind @sunstone in 3rd :grimacing:



Don’t forget, there are FIFTY points available, it’s not too late to enter as currently (today) you “only” need 13 points to take third place :scream:

Pinging the current contenders with a reminder too…

@GrahameRob @BrianB @sunstone @Slim @MementoMori @JoeC @leeheyes @SpininB @andy_bee_1 @DTH @Renni-Aire @TassyWass @scorps

Clock’s ticking ladies and gents :wink:


Seeing as it may snow between now and Easter and the competition is focused around bloody snow , then why not extend it ?


Mainly, I would say, because that would be totally unfair on those that had put in the effort to collect their entries within the original time-frame.


Fair enough .
I was waiting for our local locks to freeze up


Initially, before it went “public” it was going to be just Dec/Jan … but, because the snow hit the fan late Feb last winter, it was decided to add Feb to the timeframe.


I’ve had the last ten days off, I finished work on the Monday the snow disappeared from around here, it has rained and been too mild for frost etc so no chance to get any of the shots I was hoping to get.
Today I had to go for some work related training, what do I wake up to? A heavy frost at -3 and some light fog without a cloud in the sky, bloody typical :disappointed:


Yes … it’s killing me - -haven’t been able to fly for a while 'cause of taking care of my dog and working … still hoping to get some air time before end of the challenge


The things you find when you’re not looking for them! Was out on an errand earlier and discovered there’s a dry/artificial ski slope not 15 miles from the house. Hung about until the sun was (just) below the horizon, which hopefully is enough duskness, and there were even people skiing.

Am I chancing my luck to ask if that building at the bottom of the slope counts as a log cabin? :wink:


Loudon Church of Scotland with the old Newmilns Railway Viaduct behind.



Didnt realise the Newmilns ski slope was still open.

You live up the valley?



Didn’t realise it was there at all until today! :wink: It was actually pretty busy. Sat in the carpark for about 30 minutes waiting for the sun to drop and there was a steady stream of folk.

I’m over towards Kilmarnock, just happened to be out that way today and spotted the signs for the slope. :slight_smile:


Im not far from you then mate.

I remember going to Newmilns slope with school for some practice before a trip to Aviemore.

You taken the drone up Loudoun hill yet? Theres a great spot up by whitelees wind farm as well, can see for miles in all directions.