2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


Loudoun Hill was the first place I went when I plucked up the courage to leave the safety of the back garden.

Every time I drive to Glasgow now I look over at Whitelees and plan a visit. I’m quite taken by wind turbines.


You should add yourself to the Map of Members, Joe … then we’d know where you are. :wink:

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Quite a little group in East Ayrshire! :wink:


So definely the two towers protruding above the fog, but in the bottom left is the spire of Portsmouth Catherdral. Does this count for the bonus?


:thinking: Most people leave their garden to after they have mastered the flying. So many things so close and so easy to bump into. :wink:


Leaderboard updated once more!

Movements and new positions …

[1] @GrahameRob [31 points
[2] @BrianB [19 points]
[3] @JoeC [13 points] - up 3
[4] @sunstone [12 points] - down 1
[5] @Slim [11 points] - down 1
[6] @MementoMori [10 points] down 1
[7] @leeheyes [6 points]
[8=] @SpininB [5 points]
[8=] @andy_bee_1 [5 points]
[10=] @DTH [4 points]
[10=] @Renni-Aire [4 points]
[12=] @TassyWass [2 points]
[12=] @scorps [2 points]


btw - that’s a “caravan clad in wood planks” … not a “log cabin”. :wink:


Yeah, I did think that was pushing the definition of ‘log cabin’ a little. And I guess not quite dark enough for true dusk? Going to have to go hunting some deer for that extra point since I doubt we’ll be getting the gritters out again now the temperature is in double figures.


Just modified for the “dusk”.
The easy bit is you lot taking pics/vids. The difficult bit is getting all the points/edits right! :wink:



#2 - Frozen Body Of Water

Will the sea suffice?!!

AND, there’s a jetty (towards the left of the photo) AND some boats on top of the ice (does that count as frozen in?) AND a WWII submarine - what more could you want?!

This is Suomenlinna, Helsinki, a sea fort built across a handful of islands accessed by ferry. The fort was started by the Swedes in the 1740s, but has also been in Russian and Finnish hands. It’s been a Finnish submarine base, and while it’s no longer an active military fort, there’s still a Naval Academy here.

These days it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, and makes a fantastic day out, even in the snow and ice when some of it is inaccessible. And, for somebody who’s never seen frozen sea before, the ferry ride was pretty special too, with the chunks of ice clattering down the side.


Glad you got over to Suomenlinna, great place to fly.
although it was a bit warmer when i was there !!.


Really enjoyed it, though the wind and snow limited airtime. In fact, w d and snow was a constant problem, so this was my only flight


Now thats what i call frozen water :+1:


It sure does !

It sure will !

Leaderboard updated!

Today’s update sees @Renni-Aire jump up to joint 8th place alongside @SpininB and @andy_bee_1 :clap:t2:


Hmmm, we’ll, since more snow is looking unlikely, here’s my #27, Scene Worthy of a Christmas Card. It was taken the same time as the snowy field, and I’d hoped for something “more”. It, here it is, North Oxfordshire in the snow.

Can’t believe I’m talking about Christmas in February!


I’m hoping my trip to Kyiv and Chernobyl in a few days should get me some of the snowy ones :+1::radioactive::skull_and_crossbones:


I’ve just done my first tilt&shift edit following another thread about it. Might just be me, but the more I was looking at the end result, the more I thought that I’d happily put this on the front of a Christmas card.

I took it at the end of January at an estate near me in East Ayrshire.


I think this really works well @JoeC :clap:


Thanks Brian… must admit that I’m ridiculously chuffed with it. :slight_smile: