2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


Brief weather windows up-coming …


Fingers crossed!


Nah - I can’t enter - I hope it all goes pants! :stuck_out_tongue:


Though, having written down my competition planning list, I do need an awful lot of snow to suddenly fall on the South Downs!!!


Still almost 1/4 of a year to go! Plenty of time for the UK to grind to a winter/icy/snowy halt!


That is an excellent challenge, I’m sure that I stand little or no chance of appearing anywhere but it looks so much fun that I just have to try it :grin:


I pretty much thought the same for the Summer Treasure Hunt initially - got totally hooked - and won it!
It’s very motivating having a reason to go and fly somewhere.


Think the admin guys should still capture what they can and post their shots after the competition ends or have your own mini competition.

It’s always good to see other people’s work and aerial views of different locations.


I live in California so snowmen, log cabin etc seemed a bit far fetched for me… But I’ve put posts out to my fb friends saying what I’ll looking for… I’m willing to travel to start trying to find some of this stuff. Pretty cool challenge and good excuse to fly in New locations.


I’m sure you’ll manage better than me!

California Ski Resorts

  • Mammoth Mountain
  • Bear Valley
  • June Mountain
  • Bear Mountain
  • Snow Valley / Snow Summit
  • Mountain High - East/West/North
  • Mt Baldy
  • Mt Shasta
  • Mt Waterman
  • Badger Pass
  • Coppervale
  • Dodge Ridge
  • China Peak

California/Nevada border @ Tahoe

  • Heavenly
  • Squaw Valley
  • Alpine Meadows
  • Sugar Bowl
  • Kirkwood ( <-- favourite!)
  • Sierra at Tahoe
  • Boreal

(Italics = I’ve skied there.)

And those are just “Ski Resorts” - snow falls in other places too. :wink:
And I know there are log cabins (albeit massive ones that are restaurants) at most of the ones I’ve been to.



Don’t worry Bonny, it rarely snows here in the UK anymore either.

We will completely accept frost instead of snow, on any of the treasure items :smiley:

Reminder though:



I’d like to enter the Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge Please :+1:
I’m reliably told I may have found item 26 on the Christmas list :wink:


Congrats @DTH you’ve not only entered, but you’ve also taken the lead!

Bonus point for the chimneys :smiley:

Leaderboard update!


Ah, well, this one looks a bit trickier, and is also not a good excuse for a motorbike ride.

But, if we’re going to get a cold winter…


First entry from me
Number 7 Sunrise through multiple trees
6.7m Height
Center Parcs Whinfell forest


Great entry to the comp! :+1:


Number 25 A church
Holy Trinity Church, Hexham, NE47 8HD


And a second excellent entry for the comp!

Leaderboard updated!


Great entries @GrahameRob - I love the sunrise through the trees shot :clap:t2:

Thanks too for providing all the details with each post :blush:


Would this qualify for point 25?
St Nicholas Church - St Helens

It’s quite far away and at max height on max zoom - Wouldn’t be quite right flying around a cemetery if people were visiting.