2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


It most certainly does :+1:t2:

Leaderboard updated and @DTH takes the lead, knocking @GrahameRob in to second place!

We’re hoping some other members will be able to submit their entires soon too (another hint hint) :wink:


@PingSpike, out of interest would a cathedral qualify? Just asking before I look into it :wink:


Yup, we’d accept a cathedral in place of a church for # 25 on the list :+1:t2:


Also, just to add, “Thank you…” all for asking in advance!

It makes our life much easier in terms of moderating the Challenge entries and keeping things fair for everyone :blush:


Number 25 A church
St Nicholas, Askham, Notts, NG22 0RS


Can I stick my neck out at No26 with this misty one :slight_smile:

There are protrusions,just :stuck_out_tongue:

Number 26 Misty Morning
My Garden DN22


Thanks for the entries @sunstone!

Leaderboard updated :+1:t2:

This update sees @sunstone entering the charts in joint-second place with @GrahameRob, and @leeheyes is notched down to 4th place :scream:


That is beautifull sunstone


Thanks @Asgard . Spotted the mist and waited for signs of the sun, then just had to down tools at work to get the M2P
In the air :grin::+1:.


Does this qualify Chaps - I know it’s a little high?
(There’s 3 trees BTW :wink: )
Just spotted it while I was at the Co-op - and grabbed a quick snap while it was quiet - (Have Drone - Will travel) :+1:
When taken - About 20 minutes ago :clock930:
Where - St Helens

Different Angle

(I am going to get mugged eventually :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )


Does Lee get the point for the tree too? :clap:


Yup, that’s a “Decorated outdoor Christmas tree” if ever I saw one :slight_smile:

Leaderboard updated :+1:t2:

If Lee can convince us that it’s a tree and not just a string of lights attached to a pole, then yes :slight_smile:


Yaay! - I was a bit dubious about it qualifying TBH :+1:


Not much doubt, when zoomed in ….

Leaderboard updated :+1:


Thanking you


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Number 14. Decorated outdoor Christmas tree
Silverlink Retail Park
NE28 9PD


Cool pic!!

Leaderboard updated :+1:


Number 15. Decorated House and to be honest as tacky as toffee, loads of reindeer :joy:
Somewere in Wallsend (dont want to say as it a dodgy part)


That’s …