2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


Spent most of the day driving … 9+ hours roundtrip of driving to get some snow :slight_smile:
One of my dogs got to experience his first snow too!

Here’s #5 snow covered field


Scene worthy of Christmas card … Mount Shasta, California - Hyperlight setting used so technically at dusk!!


#3 – Dronie …

I may try for a snow angel if I bring some rain gear next trip


#7 Sunset through multiple trees


Leaderboard updated!

@SpininB moves up a couple of notches. :+1:


That’s a stunning shot for lots of cards Bonny :raised_hands:


Well done Bonny !


Santa is doing a spot of sightseeing in Scotland for his post-Christmas holiday. He was so miffed when he got to the Falkirk Wheel and it was a building site that he sprinkled some elf-dust and made everybody walk backwards.



Which item on the list are you claiming here @JoeC mate?


Sorry, that’d be:

'tis a video, but too big to upload here so it’s on Flickr. :slight_smile:



Sorry, it just looks like a photo :blush:

Righto, entry accepted :smiley:

It’ll be added on the next leaderboard update mate!


Yeah, I realised when you asked that there’s no play button. Not sure I’ve got the hang of embedding things here at all… :rofl:


I think it’s just Flickr.

They can’t even spell their own name correctly :blush:


What amazing weather :slight_smile:

So, I finally managed time in between a motorbike ride, chores (gardening stuff, hence my scruffy appearance!), and walking somebody else’s dog (he tries to chase the Mavic, so is safely out the way) for my No. 3 - a Drone (Quickshot mode)


Leaderboard updated!

No positional changes today, but @JoeC advances hi scoring by a point for his Santa in February :santa:

And @Renni-Aire also advances a point for his Dronie :+1:t2:


I think that the Log Cabin has proved the most contarvrcial but being bloody minded I was determined to get this one! (Thanks to Colin / @scorps for the tip-off about a location :wink: .

This is Tilford Woods Lodge Retreat in Surrey. https://www.darwinescapes.co.uk/parks/tilford-woods-lodge-retreat/contact-us/

Proved more difficult than I thought. I believed I had found a good take off point, but it was all private land. There was a pub car park right next to it. Had I had a Tello I would have been up, down and done in a minute. However… I had to drive about a mile down the road to a public footpath and work my way back through trees to try and find a take off point!

But here is not one but several wood cabins, only gutted that they didn’t have chimneys…

That the Pub on the left (The Duke of Cambridge) - which proved to be a great luck time spot! But you can see how close!

And this was my take off point… (Dronie to follow)

Unfortunately the dark brown paint of the cabins meant that the logs don’t show up very well so one taken from the car park by phone

Seems a lot for one point!


I take my hat off to you @BrianB for your dedication my good man :tophat:


So my ‘dronie’ is from the last mentioned take off point weaving my way through the trees, so had to be fully manual!!!


Well, with virtually no snow, us southerners have had to work hard on this one… :wink::joy:


and an excellent lunch - best rare roast beef sandwich ever and a great pint