2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


Leaderboard updated!

Today’s update sees @JoeC solidify his current 3rd place and @Renni-Aire jumps up a notch to joint 7th place alongside @leeheyes :clap:t2:


I would be too mate :+1:t2:


Nice one joe I agree Christmas card material


Winter, what’s that?

resides in Phx, AZ, USA

AKA the 2nd hottest place to live in the U.S.


I’ve also had my dangly bits very much in non-dangly mode in AZ … walking around the rim of the Grand Canyon in DEEP snow! (Over 6ft deep!)

And - then there’s Arizona Snowbowl - quite an impressive ski resort when I was there.

Both those places get more snow than most of the UK … so you have it quite easy. :wink:


@PingSpike, Can you just clarify how many points are possible with bonuses for a Ski slope, Is it 3 or 4?



Ski slope = POINT
– Artificial = HAS TO BE
– Bonus point if there are people skiing or sledding on it = POINT
– Bonus point if taken at dusk / dark = POINT


In that case, as I don’t see anyone catching our current leader unless miracles happen he has been awarded 4, I only noticed while looking for some ideas to try to bump my score up, I can’t see me getting much more unless I get a break.


Looked at that as well, unless we have a unexpected snow drop I think @GrahameRob is pretty safe in 1st place!


I think we are more likely to get a suntan this coming week the way things have warmed up :rofl:


Your right @MementoMori I have been awarded a bonus point that for something that I shouldn’t have one for. I shouldn’t have got a bonus point for it being a artificial slope because it had to be an artificial slope. @OzoneVibe please can you remove this point as I have not earned it. I like most on here didn’t notice that mistake until Richard pointed it out so it would be appreciated if you could remove the point.

Also never belive the Metoffice forecasts, they are a government ran organisation so probably full of shite. This is Britain we can get 4 seasons in one day :joy:


I only noticed it when I was looking for some ideas, I know where there is a slope not that far away, I didn’t even know if it was still used to be honest until I looked.
I thought I could have boosted up the board a few points but not sure if I can find anything else in the time I have to make it worth the trouble.
I think you have more than likely won it though and that’s the other reason I mentioned it.
No hard feelings I hope?


No hard feelings Richard, you were right it shouldn’t have been awarded so no arguments from me for it to be removed. To be honest I put that many pics and videos on that weekend I dint know what to expect points wise I just seen it was snowing and went out to get what I could. As the saying goes “dont count your chickens” there is still a week to go and someone could easily have a stash of snow pics up their sleeve or got back from a ski holiday and need to upload their pics. I can honestly say Im not in it to win the fun for me has been the challenge and a good excuse to get out with the drone over the winter and get comfortable flying in the dark etc.


Leaderboard updated once more!

@GrahameRob drops from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the lead to only waaaaaaaaay in the lead! :wink:


Close call then like a rave there’s always an extra “E”


It’s always good fun and nothing like a badge to say you’re a winner on top though eh :wink:


Well, how odd. Not sure I’ve ever cut the lawn in February before! But, growing it is, and despite me attempting to multitask I very nearly missed the sunset.

But, almost in time before the sun did disappear, here’s #7 - Sunset through trees, taken at 50-odd feet. Oh, yeah, I might have got a bit over-enthusiastic trying to bring the colours out!


Nice shot @Renni-Aire :+1:t2:

Leaderboard updated!

This update sees @Renni-Aire hang on to his 7th place, but at the same time he breaks the joint 7th place he had with @leeheyes and nudges Lee from joint 7th down in to solo 8th :scream:


This shot was taken on our one day of snow (1st Feb) and is of ‘Tuppenny Barn Education Centre’, who I do some volunteer photography for. I am entering as a Christmas card photo as meeting them yesterday and was told that they are hoping to use this image on a Christmas Card next year!


This is their second choice