2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


Had a stroke of luck earlier. Looked out the window and the fog was starting to come down so I jumped in the car to see if I could find anything poking out above it. Nothing doing there, but on the way home I spotted some deer wandering about beside the road. Was a good 30 minutes after sunset so not much light to play with and it really isn’t a great picture, but they are definitely deer.


Oh, should have said - this was taken on Fenwick Moor, down the road from Whitelee Windfarm, at a little after 6pm. And I’ve just noticed there looks to be a deer fence around the field so they may well be farmed beasts. If I get a chance before Thursday I might pop back in the daylight and see if they’re still there.


Leaderboard updated again - That’s twice in one day :+1:t2:

Similar to the earlier update, no positional changes, but @BrianB adds two points to his score and edges nearer to @GrahameRob, while @JoeC adds another point to solidify his 3rd place :smiley:


#28 & #3

At truckee California ice rink!!
Got my snow ange lselfie done along with ice skating rink!! Withdraw previous selfie


Frozen pond w/pier/jetty #2

#11 icicles


Now that is dedication, risking the other ice skaters!


I told them what i was going to do
-only a couple people out


Leaderboard updated

@SpininB’s entries take her up from 7th to 4th
… and that drops the following by 1 place …
@sunstone to 5th
@Slim to 6th
@MementoMori to 7th



Bonny, I can’t imagine the faces on the skaters there, they must have thought you were some kind of crazy :crazy_face:

Great entry :clap:t2:


I’m out, well done everyone that took part.


Ok, so here is the first Ukraine flight (as I spotted the excuse) of many to come tomorrow from Chernobyl/Prypiat (damn that maintenance window!)

Outdoor ice rink
– Temporary or permanent
– Bonus point if there are people skating on it
– Bonus point if taken at dusk / dark

Taken at 20:30 Mon 25th Feb in Kontraktova Square, Podil, Kyiv


All valid :+1:t2:

You missed a trick here though Andy!

Did you not see @SpininB’s Dronie-On-Ice entry earlier? :wink:

Leaderboard updated (again!) - This evenings update sees @andy_bee_1 jump up to joint 8th place alongside @Renni-Aire :grimacing:


Haha, no I didn’t, love it :rofl:

But it’s ok PingSpike, I’ll be doing a proper “radioactive” snow angel in about 12hrs :snowflake::innocent::radioactive:

Is ice the same as snow? runs for cover


Really havent taken advantage of bonus points during this challenge, not a sniff of anyone on the slopes in Halifax on a Sunday morning!!! #shuddastayedinbed

  1. Ski Slope
    • Artificial.
      Sunday 24th February, around 10:15am

  1. Log Cabin
    -Must not be in a residential garden.

Sherwood Hideaway
Saturday, 23rd Feb, 7am.


We never thought to specify that a ski slope should have snow on it :rofl:

Great entries @sunstone!

Leaderboard updated - no positional changes this afternoon but @sunstone edges nearer to @SpininB and he’s now just two points short of a 3rd place slot!


Right, here goes some entries from Chernobyl and Prypiat!

2 Frozen Lake
– Or any large expanse of water (reservoir, etc)
– Bonus point if there is a pier or jetty in said lake / water

Taken Tues 26th Feb at Prypiat Port (the water/ice is higher than it used to be, but it is a jetty, proof can be provided that it is on legs)

6 Snow covered pine trees
– Note the plural

Taken Tues 26th Feb, somewhere between Kyiv and the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (before the snow stopped)

8 Log cabin
– Must not be in a residential garden

Taken Tues 26th Feb at 51.2538707, 30.1888244
No smoke for a few years though :cry:

20 Flying whilst it’s snowing
– Must be able to see the snow in the shot.

Taken on Tues 26th Feb on the way to Chernobyl at a gas station while the snow was heaviest.
Thought the snow would be obvious, but apparently not. You can see white blur radiating from the top centre of the pic though. Wonder what camera settings I should have used for this?

That’s all I have time for today, more to come in last minute tomorrow :wink::disappointed_relieved:


Leaderboard updated!

@andy_bee_1 jumps from being in joint 8th place up to 6th place in one fell swoop!

Andy, if you wouldn’t mind mate… can we remind you of this one please:

Thanks mate :blush:



Don’t forget :smiley:

  1. Ski slope
    – Artificial

– Bonus point if there are people skiing or sledding on it
– Bonus point if taken at dusk / dark

Taken Wed 27th Feb at Протасів Яр, київ
It is artificial as its all from snow canons. There is no snow in Kiev right now, for example it’s 10°C to morrrow