2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge

  1. Yourself
    – A dronie
    – Bonus point if you are making a Snow Angel

Don’t know how to embed this, sorry!

So here’s the pic anyway

Taken on Wed 27th Feb at Протасів Яр, київ

  1. Santa
    – Wildcard entry, completely open to any interpretation but make sure it’s interesting, this is a Challenge remember!

Taken on Tues 26th Feb, where santa comes on holiday to really “warm up” and “reactivate” himself. That’s him there, on the 16th gondola anti-upside-gregorian-backward-clockwise!


Booooom @andy_bee_1 !!! Epic finish :grin::+1:and great pics btw. :ok_hand:


“Are you ready and active?”


Few more…

  1. A church
    – Must have a spire and/or a bell tower

    Taken on Fri 28th Feb at Mykola Prytyska Church, Kyiv.
    Furthest tower is the spire, nearest is the bell tower…


Bravo @andy_bee_1! Unless basic maths has deserted me, you’ve come charging past into a comfortable 3rd place.


Unfortunately, due to a complete f**k up of a flight on a disused bridge in Kyiv, my drone is now out of action (all 4 blades broken).
It is a little windy but nothing bad, maybe 20mph. It took off ok, hovered about 5m up, then shot off to the left, told me it was at max altitude, (at about 25m above the water), then came back right coming downwards, ignoring all inputs on the controller. The cane signal lost, it went past my head, hit the railings, went through and came to rest with almost half of it hanging over the edge! here: :anguished:

I was just about to get the reflection of the sun

And the rest of the afternoon was planned for a few more on the list :cry:




I’m trying to work out if the word “lucky” is appropriate - I think it is!


Argh! I’m gutted for you mate :confused:

If it’s any consolation, at least you could rescue it, sounds like it was about to become a compete flyaway :cry:

Were you near those railings when you took off? I get random mag interference warnings when I take off from a similar local location too.


I am not sure, compass said it was fine when I started it up.
Lucky escape indeed! I honestly thought it was going to go plop!

But would you believe it, at the end of the bridge there was this little place:

They only had one set of blades (I needed all four!), so they gave me some off a display model and I got a free cap too :sunglasses:

But, no cracks in the clouds to refly the bridge (or maybe dry land the other side!) and light going (Ukraine is +2hrs) so, think I’ll have to settle for the current entries :ok_hand:


We need a “Jammy Git” badge :rofl:

Fantastic news @andy_bee_1 !

And top marks to the people in the shop for giving you some off a display unit :clap:t2:


THAT is totally amazing!! :+1: :+1:


And up and running again! But no light for the sun on the water. So we went up a hill and found snow. I finally got to use the carrot I bought 3 days ago from the market near Chernobyl!

  1. Snowman
    – Must have a carrot for a nose, or a scarf for a scarf
    – Bonus point if the snowman has: Carrot for a nose, coal for eyes and coat buttons, sticks for arms (must have all three)

Just realised I left my scarf on it! :rofl:



Pop into DJI - I’m sure they’ll give you one! :wink:


@andy_bee_1 I think you need a standing ovation for the entries in the last 24hrs mate :bowing_man:

And a SPECTACULAR snowman too :clap:t2:

Well, Leaderboard updated…

This update sees @andy_bee_1 catapult himself waaayyy up the leaderboard and in to joint 2nd place alongside @BrianB :scream:


Just re-read the item and I didn’t need to run to the car and get the scarf cos I forgot it, or leave it behind when I forgot it again.
I already had the carrot!!!
Oh well, it’s been fun, and I hope a local will make use of it :blush:

I’ve been going through what I’ve got off my drone, and it’s nowhere near everything but I bet I have icicles on there! Not going to turn it on inside the airport to find out though, so I’ll take the draw with Brian, and honoured to join him as he worked hard for his too. (unless he has an ace up his sleeve? :flushed:)


Not sure how many Andy has left but here is my final entry.

Santa- Wildcard entry, completely open to any interpretation but make sure it’s interesting, this is a Challenge remember!

Seems Santa got a new drone for Christmas which he is have in fun learning to fly!

He did some help to hold the controller…

And just to show he is flying the Mavic Air! :wink::rofl:


It’s not over yet @andy_bee_1 - I don’t hear any fat ladies singing :smiley:

There’s another few hours before entires close at 10PM tonight :grimacing:


Not an ace, but a :santa: Andy! Sorry but say yours and just had to go and do this, especially as I had borrowed the Santa… Trouble is that now I know you post 2 to put me in 3rd :flushed:.

But someone else maybe holding on for the final couple of hours