2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


Nice one! @BrianB
You’ve got me then, I am now on a plane, but due to a 45min delay will not land until after the deadline. Shame as I definitely have a Christmas card entry and icicles on the drone somewhere I am sure :anguished:


Ooh, flight mode not required yet!

  1. A winter scene worthy of a Christmas card
    – Bonus point if taken at dusk (unfortunately not)


2 hours 53 mins to go …. :+1:

  1. Some Icicles
    – Note the plural

    This was on the outside of a building I was looking in in Prypiat. Taken Tues 26th Feb.

Now I really have to turn drone and phone off!


Well done Andy :+1: I deserved that :rofl:



In one of my recent leaderboard updates it would appear I wasn’t paying full attention.

Sorry @andy_bee_1 but I wrongly awarded you two points for this:

  1. Frozen Lake
    –Plus 1 bonus point for : Pier or jetty in said lake

I have updated the leaderboard now and removed that item.

The reason I removed it?

Because you had already entered a frozen lake on # 4 of your list:

  1. Frozen Lake

This Leaderboard change means Andy drops from being joint second place, to being in a lone third place.

Which may change again in a minute when I update the leaderboard again with his latest submissions! :rofl:

Sorry everyone :confused:


Ok, for what may be the last time this year, Leaderboard updated!

@BrianB - Cracking Santa entry :rofl:


It’s :clock10: !!

That’s it folks!! The 2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge is now closed for any further entries!


:drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: :drum:


:tada: :tada: :tada: CONGRATULATIONS :tada: :tada: :tada:

We have ourselves some winners!

There were 30 items to collect and 20 bonus points on offer, giving a total of 50 points available.

@GrahameRob collected 20 of the 30 items and also collected 10 bonus points, giving him 30 points in all, making him our winner :tada: :partying_face:

Grahame wins the :trophy: Gold Trophy :trophy: and can proudly update his profile to display his winning status :clap:t2:

Our second place winner is @BrianB who collected 17 of the 30 items and 6 bonus points, giving him a total of 23 points. Brian, the Silver Trophy badge is all yours :smiley:

And our third place winner is @andy_bee_1! 22 points were racked up by Andy, 15 items collected and 7 bonus points. Congrats on the Bronze Trophy Andy :+1:t2:

Congratulations to you all, nobody else can win these profile badges, they are exclusive to you and you alone :blush:

The Leaderboard has been updated to reflect the final scores.

And for our winners, we have a little surprise … in store … for you…

Not only have you won some serious kudos, but you’ve also won yourselves some official Grey Arrows Drone Club Merchandise :scream:

Wait a minute… (we hear you all say!)

Grey Arrows Drone Club Merchandise? :thinking:

What Grey Arrows Drone Club Merchandise is this?!?? :man_shrugging:

Hold that thought - all will be revealed at the weekend :wink:

Suffice to say that our first place winner @GrahameRob gets to choose any three items of merchandise that he likes, our second place winner @BrianB gets to pick two items of merchandise and our third place winner @andy_bee_1 earns himself one official item of merchandise too :clap:t2:

(We’ll be in touch with you all directly in the next few days)

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries, this has been our longest-running challenge ever. and there have been some stunning entires!

A total of ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY THREE treasure items were collected in all :scream:

Keep your eyes on the #challenges category as we’ll be announcing the next Grey Arrows Drone Club Challenge soon!


E&OE :wink:


Thank you very much. I would like to thank and dedicate this trophy to my wife and kids for … Sod that, thanks to Dji for making the Mavic such an awesome drone :+1: and thanks to you lot for a fountain of info and advice. Well done everyone :clap::clap::clap:


Thanks everyone involved in the organising and agonising updating of the leaderboard.
I really enjoyed it, the challenge itself, and having to take pictures of things I would not have thought of. I will definitely be looking out for the next challenge!

Thanks for the badge and the merch :grin::+1:


Thank you and once again thanks for the committee for organising the challenge. This has been a really interesting one and, with photos taken from USA to Russia it has had a real international flavour! Just glad we did get some snow and ice, even if there wasn’t a ‘beast from the east’…

Can’t wait to see the GADC merchandise guys :ok_hand:


And I forgot to say a huge well done and thanks to @BrianB and @GrahameRob for smashing out these challenges, which is what gave me the inspiration to go for it at the end as thought of opportunities came to me :blush::+1:

I reckon if I’d paid attention weeks/months ago (suns reflection, decorated tree and house, deer etc) or had got to Ukraine a few days earlier, I might have got ya! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Probably not @GrahameRob though! Lol


There was none getting @GrahameRob without a lot more snow here @andy_bee_1 I mean, who was going to get both snow ploughs and grifters in action :flushed:. Brilliant and well deserved @GrahameRob and to you @andy_bee_1 Such dedication to the GADC competition to book a winter holiday in the snow :wink::rofl:


Like I said the other day - buying the drone is the cheap part of drone flying. It’s all the necessary global travel to use it that gets pricey.


I was told I HAD to use two days holiday before the end of the month even though we were in the middle of a heavy project. So I thought “I’ll be damned if I lose it, and I’m not just gonna take it and sit at home”, so I started thinking, looked on Skyscanner, Jack’s flight club etc.
Then PING this light bulb moment came when I read the BBC piece on reinhabiting Chernobyl (oh how much bullshit their story was!). The rest just fell into place… £16 flights, hostel recommended to me, etc.

I booked the flights only 1 week before, so I was going anyway, then the drone permit for Chernobyl Exclusion Zone was approved on the Friday afternoon before I flew on the Sunday! So that was the icing on the cake :grin::+1:




Well done gents
Dedication to get all the photos must have been hell
Congrats @GrahameRob @BrianB & finally but leaping into 3rd place @andy_bee_1
Been a joy to watch not that I took part…