2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


Congratulations @GrahameRob, @BrianB and @andy_bee_1, and all who entered of course, there were some cracking entries too.

Oh, now you make it interesting for the rest of us.

How soon? I need to try and get out so need an incentive to do so, even if the impossible is asked of us, again :roll_eyes:
No moon landings, we only have a 400ft ceiling :rofl:


Realistically, it’ll be a few weeks before the next Challenge is ready.

Come on, nothing on this challenge was impossible. Although the Coca-cola truck seemed to eluded everyone :thinking:

Actually, if my memory serves it was you who asked for a harder challenge :rofl:

Well, a serious CONGRATS to everyone who took part!

And as @sparkman999 said, it has been a joy to watch this one unfold :clap:t2:

Thank you all, for the efforts you have put in to capture some of these amazing photos :bowing_man:


I saw it … but getting my MP out whilst driving and giving chase with car and MP simultaneously was a little beyond me.
Nothing in the highway code about “do not drone and drive”. :thinking:


Yes, it had already been to Cardiff and was heading north by the time the list was put up :laughing:

I can’t remember me ever saying that :thinking: I like an easy challenge :crazy_face:

You’d better make it quick, not sure if I will have folded by then, the Inspires might be going soon to start me off :pensive:


One statistic not in the winner announcement post … there were 55 leaderboard updates! :open_mouth:


Probably the hardest part of the challenge! :rofl::grin::+1:


Certainly “challenging” at times. :wink:


Fantastic result from all those that took part. Well done everybody😁


and 500 meters away

its called the drone code for a reason


I thought the moon was closer than 500m :laughing:


Congratulations to our very worthy winners and to everyone that took part.
One day I’ll get the hang of all these camera settings on the M2P and might be able to enter myself.


Leave it on default - most people do. :wink:


Is that auto


As it comes out of the box.

The only things I’ve changed on mine are setting focus to manual (and set to infinity for the flight) and set white balance to cloudy (stops the colour wandering, creates good colours for sunrise/sunset, works in 99% of situations). It’s rare that doesn’t achieve acceptable results, and most other tweaks can be achieved in post in the comfort of your home without using up battery life.

I tend to concentrate on the flying and the enjoyment of the flying … and don’t want to be distracted by tinkering with the camera settings to the n-th degree.
On the MP2 you also have aperture … but, on such a wide angle lens the visual effects of that are limited.

Obviously, it does depend a bit as to what you want to achieve and what your photographic skills/knowledge is already.

If you want cinematic perfection, you can obviously take things much further … but if you really wanted that you’d probably go for an Inspire in the first place, anyway.

For me, and I believe for most people, it’s the following reasons for owning a drone … and the order of priority can vary person-to-person …

  • Playing with the tech is just frigging fascinating, and what it can achieve is near mind blowing
  • Flying the drone is brilliant fun
  • Seeing things from a different/privileged perspective is wonderous
  • Capturing photos/video means you can keep the memories
  • Editing photos/video can be fun - but isn’t for all - and (particularly video editing) rapidly consumes even more of our valuable/limited time.

Just my thoughts - some may not agree - it’s all very subjective. But, if I had a new MP2 I’d be more keen to get flying and accept the photos/video it can create in “out of the box” settings than fine tweaking every setting.


Thanks for that Dave.
I am going to spend some time going through the settings, maybe taking the some pictures/footage then making changes and seeing what comes out best.
To be honest, I don’t want to do much after capture in the way of editing.
There is an old bloke who lives not that far away and he has been helping with the settings, but he gets fed up at my lack of understanding and then makes up excuses to go home early @sparkman999
I really appreciate all the help and advice on this forum, that’s why I always spread the word to people when I am out flying


I’ve had a recent 10 year leap in DSLR tech … and I’ve taken over 1000 pics over 3 weeks just at home trying to learn where all the buttons are, what they do, and when best to use them. Now I have to try and remember what it was I discovered. :thinking:


There’s always something interesting that comes out of the challenges - this time round, I learnt that the Coca Cola truck is actually real (I’d assumed it was just an advert thing) that drives about the country - was it really only me that had no idea?! And also only me that can’t stand the stuff?

I’d thought Helsinki would have elicited more entries for me (must post in the travel section, note to self) but the weather was not conducive, though there was plenty of snow

A good fun challenge though, and some worthy winners with some stunning photos


I think it had been real for a few years before I knew. But I have seen it (by chance) a few times.

(Actually - I believe there are two of them.)


yes & yes
but only with Jack Daniels


I had a plan to buy a toy Coca Cola truck ( didn’t says it had to be real!) but the ones with lights were too expensive on eBay :joy: