2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


Leaderboard updated … again. :+1:

We have a new leader …. @GrahameRob. :clap:


.good job :slight_smile:


No bonus point for any of the reindeer in the garden? :sob: it’s that tacky they have 5


Got a hi-res version? Difficult to tell if they’re not donkeys.


Who the people that own the house? :joy::joy:


They would be asses!


Which drone did you shoot this with? Looks very good.

I need to sort my settings out for shooting in the dark!


Cheers Tassy, it was with a Mavic Pro
ISO 400, Shutter 1/13, manual focus and a little tweek in Lightroom.


Awarded … and Leaderboard updated … again. :+1:


Wow, I thought it might be the Air.

This is what I got yesterday,

That’s a Jpeg

Then switched to Raw(?).

With Auto fix on the LightRoom app.

Like the Raw colours better, seem to be clearer too.


Either get you on the updated Leaderboard! :+1:



Aldgate, London.


Very nice :+1:the focus is spot on, I struggled to get the Mavic focused in auto so switched to manual and I still couldn’t nail it.


Don’t want to go off topic too much but isn’t there something called ‘infinite focus’? How is that achieved?


Will look into that.


Number 9. The sun’s reflection in water
Swallow pond, Rising Sun Country Park NE12 9SS


Great photo @GrahameRob :clap:t2:

Leaderboard updated and your lead continues to get stronger :smiley:



We’ll get back to you shortly @JayForceOne - once your potential entries have all been verified :slight_smile:


I didn’t think you could have more than one item in a shot? That’s what I was told in the Summer Treasure Hunt anyway :thinking:
I’m out of this challenge anyway, no point in trying as most on the list are impossible to find or do legally where I have found those on the list down my way.


Nice photos.