2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


Will this get me Brucie bonus?

Number 14. Decorated outdoor Christmas tree
Retford Town Hall
DN22 6DE


We purposefully omitted this from the Ts & Cs this time round as we thought people would have enough on their plate contending with the weather and Christmas / New Year festivities :blush:

It shall probably re-appear on the next Challenge though.

Great photo @sunstone :+1:t2:

Leaderboard updated :smiley:

This latest update sees @sunstone advance to 3rd place.

@JayForceOne your entries are still being discussed - there should be an update for you later today.




St Dunstan’s Church - London


Thanks for the entry @TassyWass :clap:t2:

Leaderboard updated!

This update sees @TassyWass move up to joint 4th place alongside @leeheyes :smiley:


Unless we get another ‘Beast from the East’, I think that these shots are going to be at the top of the snow photos! :wink:



Reflection of sun on water taken on 27th December


Decorated house at night, pretty tack and you can see reindeer on the front garden fence pulling th sled so hoping that’s the full 3 points! Taken on 28th December


This is of sunrise through trees at Emsworth Marina. The Mavic Air was 7m above the harbour water - taken on 17th December


Does Fake snow count


Fingers crossed @OzoneVibe


If it does, I’ll be going out to buy a few bags :joy:


“Church in the snow!”??? :wink:


No, sorry…


Thanks for the entries @BrianB!

Leaderboard updated :+1:t2:

This update see’s @BrianB enter the Challenge straight in at position # 2 :clap:t2:


@JayForceOne the committee has considered and discussed your entries at length and has reached the following conclusions / decisions:

Pic 1 - Item #2 - Frozen lake. :heavy_check_mark:

Pic 2 - Item #8 - Log Cabin :x:
– That is not a log cabin. These are log cabins.
Pic 2 - Item #6 - Snow covered trees. :heavy_check_mark:
Pic 2 - Item #3 - Yourself. :heavy_check_mark:

Pic 3 - Item #28 - Ice Rink :x:
– This is considered a ‘lucky shot’ and was not captured in the spirit of the Challenge
Pic 3 - Item #28 - Bonus Point - People skating on it :x:
– If anything, it looks like people are sitting on the edge
Pic 3 - Item #25 Church with spire. :heavy_check_mark:

Pic 4 - Item #5 - Snowy field :x:
– That is not a field. These are fields
Pic 4 - Item #3 - Yourself. :x:
– Already claimed in Pic 2

Pic 5 - Item #25 - Church. :x:
– Already claimed in Pic 3
Pic 5 - Item #7 - Sunrise or Sunset, rising or setting through multiple trees. :x:
– Invalid entry - Please see the example in the first post

Pic 6 - Item #1 - Frozen Canal :heavy_check_mark:

Pic 7 - Item #27 - Scene worthy of Christmas Card. :heavy_check_mark:

Total eligible points: 6


Leaderboard updated !

This update sees @JayForceOne enter in the # 2 position, nudging @BrianB in to third place by just one point :scream:


If this is the case @BrianB and myself both have number 22 - Santa in our “Decorated house” picture. :wink:


Fair play if you want to claim # 22 “Santa” @GrahameRob - that was a wild card on purpose :smiley:

A reindeer reminder though:

make sure it’s interesting, this is a Challenge remember!

So @GrahameRob:smiley: Please confirm you’re claiming your Santa wildcard with THIS entry?

And @BrianB (or anyone else for that matter) we wouldn’t naturally assume anything, so if you want to claim your Santa wildcard with a previous entry, please do let us know :+1:t2: