2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


To be honest Rich I don’t want to claim the Santa point, I’m happy with the points I got after all it wouldn’t have been a “Tacky OTT house” without a Santa or 5 in the garden.


Me neither but thanks guys


In which case the points for your Santa wildcards are still available and we look forward to what creatative Santa interpretations you can come up with :smile:


I don’t think i am going to get the time to even start this challenge unfortunately :frowning:


There is still two full months to go :smiley:


… and all the forecasters (aka harbinger of doom news channels) are promising our worst winter ever … any day! :+1:


Well in that case i should be able to get a few ticked off the list :sunglasses:

Can’t wait :hugs:


I’m waiting for snow. Snow+kite+snowboard+drone set in follow me. What could possibly go wrong. :sunglasses:


Although the rules don’t explicitly state it, you’ll probably find that animated photoshopped gifs are not eligible either mate :rofl:


Tacky Xmas Decorated House at night. Can I also claim the Snowman with carrot nose and scarf?


Will this pass for no7 - Sunrise or Sunset, rising or setting through multiple trees ?

Scrooby Top


Welcome to the Winter Challenge @Slim - thanks for entering :clap:t2:

Sadly not… the Snowman needs to be made out of snow…

Otherwise it’s just a Plasticman :rofl:

It most certainly will :+1:t2:

So the Leaderboard has been updated!

Today’s changes see @sunstone move up to joint fourth place alongside @DTH and we also see @Slim join at joint 6th place next to @leeheyes and @TassyWass :smiley:


Beautiful shot :raised_hands: @sunstone


Here is my illuminated Christmas tree taken this evening. The Tree is outside an area of shops known as Hotwalls in Old Portsmouth. Not the biggest tree but there hasn’t been many in our area that were easy to capture.


Finding an ice skating rink was a real challenge as the first I found, in Chichester, was covered — who knew! There are people on the ice, it’s just that you can’t see them…

So finally managed t get a take off site and view point, following the drone code, of the ice rink in Portsmouth Guildhall. Taken tonight ( 2/1/2019) at about 5.20pm.


Thanks @BrianB :blush::+1:


Great find! @BrianB :+1:


Picture taken - Novato ,California 2 Jan 2019

Christmas House nailed …can’t believe there are no reindeer in all the decorations


And then some :flushed: :raised_hands:


That looks fabulous! Jeepers man! :muscle::metal: