2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


@SpininB / Bonny - couldn’t believe there was no deer and yiu could get full points for this image so had a closer inspection (bit too much time on my hands at the moment!) and where I have circled sure looks to be bambi! But will leave for the judges… :wink:


Leaderboard updated!

@BrianB leaps into 1st place with 9 points
@GrahameRob is 2nd with 7 points
@JayForceOne is 3rd with 6 points
@DTH and @sunstone are 4th= with 4 points each
@SpininB makes her entry at 6th with 3 points
@leeheyes, @TassyWass and @Slim are now 7th= with 2 points each


Thanks for the deer find – I did find Bambi but wasn’t sure it qualified as reindeer - i was expecting to find a santa slegh pulled by deer somewhere -maybe they will add to their collection next year. I got permission to film with drone and did a walk through of the inside of the house …crazy - very much a Christmas house and then some!!


Number 22 Santa, Wildcard entry
Santa on a Hubsan 502s videoed by Mavic Pro
Not an easy task flying 2 drones at the same time.


This was my plan too! :joy:


And mine… :joy:


I’ll tell you something it was a twitchy bum moment I got the Hubsan sort of hovering then everytime I went near it with the Mavic it was blowing it away. A couple of near mid air collisions so kept them about 1 meter off the ground.


I had an idea but feel like most of the images are out of my reach.


But you never know where the snow is going to fall most! :snowman:


I was going to reply but it sounded like a rant without being one :laughing:
Many I have no chance of getting legally :wink:
Easier to give up on this one I’m thinking.


Ok so your telling me you couldn’t get a drone shot of Santa on a drone
With your DJI warehouse of stock…


:laughing: There is ten on the list I can’t or couldn’t get without having any snow or ice so I don’t see the point in trying this one tbh


That is GENUIS!!! :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

Very well played mate :bowing_man:


Leaderboard updated!

This (minor) leaderboard change sees @GrahameRob edge closer to @BrianB and there’s just one point in it currently - and @JayForceOne is only two points behind first place :clap:t2:

And a belated “Welcome to the Challenge!” to both @BrianB and @SpininB - great starting entries from you both, thank you :smiley:


@JayForceOne the committee members have (again) considered and discussed your entries at some length this evening.

The following conclusions / decisions have been reached.

  1. Yourself :x:
    – It is not you
  2. People on sledges in the snow (note the plural) :x:
    – Photo resolution too low to see what is on the sled - please re-upload a higher resolution photo if you wish to re-submit this entry.
  3. Outdoor ice rink (plus Bonus point if there are people skating on it) :white_check_mark:
  4. Decorated outdoor Christmas tree :white_check_mark:

With this in mind, the Leaderboard has been updated.

This evenings changes see @JayForceOne take joint first place alongside @BrianB !

The committee also wish to remind all members of the spirit in to which our Challenges should be entered :slight_smile:


Number 13.Deer
Rising Sun country park
NE12 9SS


Yup - that’s a deer! :+1:

The Leaderboard has been updated!

We now have a three way tie for first place between @BrianB, @JayForceOne and now, joining them on 9 points, @GrahameRob.


It probably means your high maintenance :wink: :grin:(I’m only joking) @JayForceOne


Let’s not get bogged down with ooo said what about ooo :joy:


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