2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


No9 The Suns reflection off a lake. Bit of a last minute shot this, didnt come out at all well as was running out of battery so quickly clicked away but hopefully it qualifies ?


No23 - Hyperboloid Shaped Cooling Tower with Steam

West Burton Power Station
DN22 9


3 - A Dronie - A pretty simple one at that!

West Burton Power Station
DN22 9

Not the most interesting of dronies tbh. My M2P didnt fly too far away, need to check settings as it couldve been so much better.


St Mary’s, East Leake


No frost though…


‘Hyperboloid-shaped cooling tower on a frosty or snowy day’

Oh FGS!!! Too busy thinking ‘Cooling towers with steam’ and headed out the door :confused:

Mind u there was bit of frost just behind one of them cooling towers just where the sun couldn’t reach!!! :wink::grin: Honest


Lol. Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’m not too far from Didcot so I’m just waiting for frosty to visit.


Love the light on chimneys @sunstone


We could be waiting awhile. It’s been so mild for this time of year, may as well be a Spring challenge! :grin:


Thanks @BrianB .:blush: Had to wait a few mins for the sun to reveal itself on that one. :+1:


A bit of editing and there’s quite a bit of detail in those shadows that can be brought out.


I’ll have another look at it. I rather hastily uploaded it. Seemingly lots of noise in the darker areas put me off bringing the darker sections out.

Shall have another play. :+1: Thanks for the advice.


It can’t be pushed loads … but enough to not make the noise noticeable does improve it a tad, I think.

If you also have the RAW … that might handle more manipulation.

I only applied a tad of “lighten shadows” in that version.


Confirmed :+1:t2:

But alas…


Confirmed :+1:t2:

I’m guessing that was your ‘Church’ entry?

If so… entry confirmed!

If not… could everyone please let us know which treasure item you are claiming :blush:


Leaderboard updated :+1:t2:

This evenings updates sees @sunstone confirm his 4th place and knock @DTH down in to 5th. We also see @Slim jump up to joint 6th place alongside @SpininB :smiley:

Which in turn then knocks @leeheyes and @TassyWass down in to joint 8th place :scream:


Oh well, I said I wouldn’t but I can’t help myself.

#3 Dronie.
Taken Saturday around 8.30am on 06/01/19 The Bwlch

#7 Sunrise.
Taken 28 ‎December ‎2018, ‏‎08:38 Pontcanna Fields, Cardiff.

#14 Decorated outdoor Christmas tree.
Taken ‎05 ‎January ‎2019, ‏‎18:17 Porth.

#15 Decorated house. (+ bonus in the dark)
Taken 31 ‎December ‎2018, ‏‎21:17 Cyncoed, Cardiff.

#25 Church with spire (Cathedral as agreed)
Taken 28 ‎December ‎2018, ‏‎09:13 Llandaff, Cardiff.


A simple dronie as I’m tired of being last :grinning:


Leaderboard updated!

Today’s changes see @MementoMori enter the Challenge in the number # 5 slot (the ‘Yourself’ video wasn’t eligable - over 30s long) and @leeheyes removes himself from the last place that he was so fond of and moves up to joint 7th :blush:


Bugger, I should have known from last time.
Here’s another.
#3 Dronie


Is that you? :thinking:


Of course it’s me, it was bloody cold up there.
How would you know if it wasn’t? We’ve never met :laughing: