2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


This might help prove otherwise.


And all great shots :+1: @MementoMori


Thank you @BrianB, They will do.


Had a chance to get out today, a bit windy but at least the sun was out. For the church with a spire, this shows the ‘Scots Crown’ of All Hallows Church in the village of Tillington close to Petworth in West Sussex.

In the background you can see a herd of deer in Petworth Park, captured in the bottom picture. The image of the deer was taken from a distance to ensure they were untroubled by the Mavic Air.


Blowing nigh on a gale around here !


Yup! Gusting 44mph. :wink:


Yup!, I definitely got wind! (Oh!, pardon me!)


occasional gusts but not too bad - tried a speed challenge attempt but still can’t get any faster!!!


Thanks for the entries everyone!

Leaderboard updated :grimacing:

This update sees @BrianB break away from the joint leaders and take the solo number one slot :clap:t2:

And with his now confirmed Dronie, @MementoMori advances in to joint 3rd place alongside @sunstone :smiley:


Just to add!

There are still over SEVEN WEEKS left in this Challenge!

It is never too late to enter :smiley:

And don’t forget… your entries may qualify for a badge too :slight_smile:


Sorry Rich. Up I didn’t make it obvious about my deer entry in the third photo


Ah right, sorry @BrianB

Leaderboard updated - Brian advances his lead by another point!


Number 30, a turkey farm. I hate my journey




Sadly, wrong kinda turkeys :rofl:

But as an ex-Londoner spending more years on the tube than I can remember, I feel your pain with crammed public transport in all forms :confused:


What happened to Jayforceone? He’s not on the leader board anymore


@JayForceOne sadly withdrew from the Challenge.


I have completed 14 and 25 … decorated Christmas tree and Church with steeple - same photo - but i lightened in second image so can see the steeple part


taken 9th January in Novato, California (30 minutes away from my home)


Great entries @SpininB!

Leaderboard updated :smiley:

Today’s update see’s Bonny advance up the board to take 5th place. She is just one point behind grabbing joint-third alongside @sunstone and @MementoMori :+1:t2: