26 Shot RAW Pano's HELP!

Trying to create better quality panos (360’s)

I’ve just taken a 26 shot RAW pano (360) now how do I go about merging them?
I’ve highlighted them all and told Lightroom to work its magic and it created this monstrosity…

Cylindrical it doesn’t want to know :woozy_face:

I downloaded Autopanogiga, thats great until I want to export then it creates a .pano file which Lightroom or Photoshop doesn’t want to open.

So my Question: How do I create RAW 360’s to then import into Lightroom or Photoshop?
unless I’m missing something in what I’m currently doing. (quite possible) :laughing:

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26 RAW files

The .pano sounds like you are exporting the project, rather than the image.

There’s not much manual manipulation in LR/PS … if they get confused they stay confused.

ICE (if you have it … MS “retired” it earlier this year) and PTGui/Hugin have better horizon manipulation, as does Autopanogiga (as I recall … some time since I’ve used).

(I think those images will fill up my phone … and I doubt my Android stitcher would know what to do with them. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Yes, I’ve noticed that, Pain in the arse.

Did have it until my new PC build and a fresh install. Its got to be luming somewhere, I’ll have a look around.

I’ll take a look see what other option i have :+1:

Thank you

AutopanoG displays it correctly, but every which way I try and save, the only option is .pano

You need to “Render” the pano first. The pano, like Dave said, is just the project file. Once rendered, you get the option to export.


Okay bare with with me, it’s the first time I’ve used APG :weary:

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Are you sure about that? It’s made it sunny …

And clear (ish) skys god damn it! :rage:

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I’ve found that, looks like it’s making a JPG though? I’m guessing it can’t create a stitched DNG to then be edited.

I have now deleted this from Kuula as it’s not my content :wink:

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Is that the exported Jpeg file? Looks pretty decent even in full screen. :+1:

Might wanna flatten the horizon too :wink:

That part of the world is flat enough as it is … looks better with some undulations.

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Oh wow! Now your getting technical :scream:🤦🏽

My workflow …

  1. Load into APG
  2. Click settings to the right of detect and select Panorama > Spherical > Maximum Projection Range
  3. Then click Detect and wait
  4. Once done, then on the right panel go those settings and select width 16384px and output PNG
  5. Then Render and wait
  6. Once saved open in PS
  7. Select blank bit above Sky
  8. And fill with Content-Aware and save
  9. Load into Kuula

Processing… Thanks mate