360 Degree photo with DJI Mini 2

With litchi i was able to to a 360 degree pic on my mavic mini, now iv upgraded to the mini 2 it wont let me do a 360 degree photo on dji fly. I can do a photo sphere but thats not what im after. Any ideas? Litchi isnt supporting the mini 2 yet frustratingly.

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I’ve moved your post to the #questions-and-answers category and updated the title too.

You mean like these, right?

Lockdown shot from my garden Mini 2

Drax in the snow

What happens when you try? :thinking:

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Thats what i want to do!

Ok, but…

If we don’t know what’s wrong, we can’t help you fix it :slight_smile:

do i do a 360 pano in dji fly and upload to a differnt application?

If you want to share it online, most people upload to Kuula:

Then share the Kuula link here for example.

Is this what you mean? :thinking:


Hi All
I have successfully completed 3 Panos with a single image on SD card straight into Kuula and its been ok
I have done 2 more recently and it has not performed it and I get a google HTML doc with the single images in it and also single images under pano file
I have not changed anything I don’t think

Any advice or help please @PingSpike


You need to actually view it in the drone for it to perform the stitch (in the media gallery) Mark.

Hope that helps

Thanks @milkmanchris don’t know how I have done it before ok, just did what I normally do with the MP2 ie load SD card to PC?
So you need to view with SD card in the Mini and load to kuula from there?

When it’s taken the pano go to the media gallery in GOFLY click the panorama to view it , it will build it for you, then download it to your phone , then up it to Kuula.

Your more powerful M2P builds it in the drone, the M2 relies on the app


You are the Guru @milkmanchris thanks so much for your help loving the Mini 2 used it on every commercial job over last two weeks it’s amazing so thanks for the trial flight but I don’t use the iPad got some new glasses lol :joy:


Wait till you see the FPV :wink:

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Flew in FPV mode but it’s not for me leave that to the youngsters lol

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These are very cool, but the nicely-stitched one you get from the Mini 2 is pretty low resolution compared, say, to stitching the individual images in Lightroom or Hugin or similar.

But I haven’t yet found anything external that will do the right thing with the straight-down view. Anyone got any ideas? I think Microsoft ICE might do it, but it’s Windows-only (and discontinued).

The drone takes nice straight-down shots, obviously, but the equirectangular format that most 360 software wants to output tends to sacrifice the ground and the sky. I probably need to find something that will output a different format, but one the Kuula will still understand…

You after an OSX solution ?

You after an OSX solution ?

Ideally, yes.
I’m getting somewhat better results with Hugin now I’ve worked out how to stop it cropping…

Lightroom, PS and Gimp all do a reasonable job of stitching.

Hugin and PtGui I find a bit too clunky.

My favourite is AutoPanoGiga (AGP) it’s discontinued, but can easily be found on the usual sites.

Give DJI media maker a go too it’s a free download and gives reasonable results

Thanks, Chris -

Yes, DJI Media Maker does do a nice job and gives good-resolution results… but it still crops the top and bottom so you get a vortex effect above and below if you load it onto, say, Kuula. (Same with Lightroom)

I still haven’t found anything that does the straight-down view nearly as well as the images generated in-drone… though Hugin clearly knows about the whole sphere and can do it if I’m clever with the settings… but it then often fails to do good exposure balancing. I think I need to play a bit more. I agree about the clunkiness, though!

Check out my Kuula, mostly done with AGP Mavic Pro and Mini 1/2

Very nice! And rendered with AutoPano?