360 Mini 2 Pano - Create online?

Is there an online processor that will take the 26 Mini 2 360 photos and turn them into a 360 pano? Or an app that works on Chromebook to do the same?

Still got a PC and ICE but I prefer using the Chromebook in front of the fire :slight_smile: Wouldn’t be asking if 1.4.12 was any good :frowning:

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Bimbo stitch in playstore is what you need I use it works great

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Can’t find it :frowning: There’s a Bimbo photo app but not a stitch.

So not Bimbo :joy::joy:

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No sorry ,mind is in the gutter as usual :grin::grin::grin:

How do you get the 360s into kuula? I haven’t managed to find an output format that works with it.

Once you have a stitched image click on the image and you should get a share icon then share it to whichever APK you want.

Have a look here, the ratio needs to be 2:1

Thanks, but I’m using Fly and the latest version 1.4.12 has “lost” the 360 photo so I’m looking for something on Android/Chromebook that will do it for me. The apps I’ve tried don’t offer the choice of ratio. It stores the 26 images but doesn’t stitch them together. I can easily downgrade to 1.4.8 which works but it set me off looking for a way to do them outside of the app and not on the standard Apple/Microsoft platforms.

I use the Theta app on Mac and iOS it also supports android you can download it from here…Download | RICOH THETA

I’ve tried Theta+ but can’t find any way to create a pano from images. There’s also a review on the app as store completing they’ve removed the edit function.

Have you tried the online Lightroom ?

Clutching at straws here :frowning:


I refuse to use Adobe products through choice. Event if it was the perfect free 360 generator, I wouldn’t use it.

Sorry Doodler, I thought it would create a 360 also.

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I’ve stitched images together with https://www.photopea.com/ previously, its free. But I don’t recall if it produces 360 degree images. Worth a look if your still searching.

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Thanks, tried the app/site but can’t see a way it’ll do a 360. Keeping my fingers crossed DJI don’t screw up again but I’ll keep looking.


(A) don’t update immediately

(B) get an iPhone

(A) don’t update immediately :ballot_box_with_check:

(B) get an iPhone :x:

:grin: :+1:

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Google photos will stitch it together automatically for you, it even sorts out the Exif data for you so you can post to FB and alike

This is the result posted straight to Kuula

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