360 Panorama - Somerset levels / Quantock Hills etc

First attempt at a 360 Panorama - fairly straight forward once I found the buttons…

I’m sure it can be improved - but unless you start somewhere you never will get there…


Wow this is so cool. Think this is the first one I have seen that is a proper sphere.

Nice one. Off to the app store to get the software so I can do this with my Mavic mini as just for this I think it’s worth it. :+1:

Check out the Pano section ;o)


Hey Chris

Thanks for that will check out the pano section for sure and I hope the next few days the weather gets better so I can give this a go myself :+1:


The longest journey starts with the first step!

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Really like this I’m going to give it a try is the kuula software any good?

Kuula is just a hosting site, you will need a pano to upload there be it from the drone or stitched by yourself

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Many thanks just starting with drones so looking forward to experimenting when we get some decent weather.

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How do you do pano ?

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See this post on how to use Kuula to put a panorama up here.

As far as how to do it with your drone - that depends upon the drone - so I would suggest a visit to YouTube and search for < your drone > panorama

What drone did you use

Mavic Air 2

Have to try it on mine again last time it just come out like a spherical so I deleted it

If you have the Mavic Air 2 then it is at the bottom of the sub-menu under photo/video options on the right just above the shutter button in DJI Fly

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Thanks so much, I will have a go at that soon.