360 Panorama viewer

I’m looking for a script that will allow me to post 360 panorama’s I create on the web.

Ideally a gallery page with thumbnails that would link to the full 360 panorama. I’ve found a couple of jquery scripts but wondered if anyone knew of anything else.

Have downloaded one, but yet to try it, called Photo Sphere Viewer

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Out of interest, how are you creating them?

I’m done with Hangar 360 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::-1::facepunch:

Can to elaborate why you’re done with Hangar 360?

For an ever-increasing amount of reasons.

And then there was this other issue too.

But this one was the final straw :frowning:

It’s just too unstable and too unpredictable - I’m not going to give it control of my Mavic again.

Which is a shame, because it’s a great app (in principal).

Need to find an alternative, which I’m hoping @Creaky’s thread here will do :+1:

Will give Photo sphere viewer a look.

Testing 2 programmes for stitching, one is called Hugin and the other is PTgui


Hugin is free while PTgui is paid software

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AutoPano Giga is also another good (paid) one

I don’t mind paying (well, not too much lol) so long as it’s easy to use.

Hanger was 100% automated which made it pretty amazing really. Others seem to get on fine with it, maybe it’s just my ageing iPad Mini 2…

I would suggest it’s the iPad, I have no problems whatsoever with it, my only issue is you can’t download your 360 to keep locally

I’ve been using PTGui for a while and whilst it can be complicated, if the auto stitch doesn’t work perfectly the results are excellent. Plus it has a web viewer which you can upload to your website to allow the full 360 navigation experience,

It’s not particularly cheap though, but I would say it’s worth it.

You can the. Use whatever you like to take the pictures. I wa using litchi, but now the DJI Go can do panos I’ve been using this more.

Not sure if this aspect of Hanger 360 has been discussed on here:

My apologies if this is old news but it’s an important aspect of using Hanger 360 that every user needs to understand.

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Tim, not seen much discussion of it but think most people are aware of it.

There’s just not much about without serious workflow that can match hangars quality.

For amateurs with no Pfco it’s not a bad solution as you can’t sell the images anyway.