7th of November Olney Fireworks Display


Great capture. nice one :+1:

Shame this wasn’t posted a couple weeks ago, you have just missed out on this years Fireworks Competition.

Hope to see you in next years :+1:

Thank you for your comments and I forgot I was in this group so did not put them up till now, any way I will remember for next year, off on Sunday to Malta for 5 days with my trusted Drone Mini 2 so will have lots of Pictures and Video to share with the Group, I also have a YouTube channel if your interested look me up its link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx2hsUMhM2gfkgQGoeRbtfw

Regards T J Kerrigan.

Very nice, Enjoy! Look forward to seeing what you capture.

Subbed to the channel too. :+1:

Thank you for them Kind words and the SUB, regards TJK UK.

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