Absolute beginner, absolute budget

Hi all, I have no real need for a drone currently and really don’t have the funds to purchase one… But I want one so badly lol

Can you please advise the best, but cheapest humanly possible that I can pick up in the UK



What is your budget?

You won’t get any useful suggestions until people know what you want to spend.

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And what do you want it to do? Indoors, outdoors, camera?

or for little more this one has a camera so you fly to the kitchen and see whats for tea. awsome


My two pennies worth:

Best indoor drone: Rize Tello
Best “bang for buck” drone: mini 2
Best consumer drone: Mavic 2 pro

I know nothing about FPV however and other people’s opinion may vary


Never heard of the the Ryze Tello until now. Thanks Lee. Just watched a couple of vids and checked out the spec. Impressive considering the sub £100 and 80 grams :ok_hand:
Now trying to convince myself why I don’t need it :rofl:

That was my first drone. No RTH and no good in anything other than the lightest of breezes. Fab little drone though. Very capable especially if you do any indoor work with warehouses etc as it doesn’t use GPS to hold its position

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Cheers guys… I want to be under £100 and cheaper the better, I would want to be using it outdoors for camera work… All input very much appreciated

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I think you’ll really struggle at that budget. You may get lucky with eBay although even a DJI spark would set you back £150+ used.

There is a Ryze Tello here for £64.99, manufacture refurbished … the ‘Ironman Edition’ sold by itstor, who’s a reliable seller. That said, this is just for the drone with 1 battery. If your budget could stretch, I would recommend the combo kit everytime, as you get 3 batteries + more.

The Ryze Tello uses DJI technology, more info here …

I speak from experience here. A light breeze and it will fly away never to be seen again.


Yes, I can imagine with being 80 grams. Plus no RTH either.

I wouldn’t rule out a used drone. Both my drones were bought used and perform perfectly.

You could say I got lucky on both :man_shrugging: especially at the price I paid.

If you know what to look for then you can’t go far wrong. I asked plenty of questions on here before purchasing and got plenty of helpful advice.

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My last three have been refurbs with no issues either.


If max budget is definitely £100, you may be able to pick up DJI Phantom 2 (or similar) second hand off ebay. One went for £103 three days ago. Yes, its a early model, but very capable drone.

Currently, there is one for auction ending in a few hours at £82. Just need to add a Go-Pro camera (or equivelant).

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I’d definitely look at used with that budget.
However when you say camera work your not going to get the best camera with that budget.

I’d consider parrot bebop 1 or 2, decent, stable with good features and the poor relation to DJI so often overlooked

Aree you planning on using it for ‘work’ if so I would consider holding out and saving to invest in a more capable drone people are not likely to pay for footage from a low resolution camera or a drone with no gimble.

I can see the price of the mini 1 dropping over the coming months when some deals on the 2 start.

Have a look on www.pricespy.co.uk they will compare prices of items from larger retailers.

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Sub £100 you’re simply not going to get a camera usable for much more than seeing where you are. The Tello isn’t as good as the camera on your phone for example. The older phantoms are a great shout as long as you already have a GoPro. I don’t know much about the Parrot drones TBF, so that may be a good way to go. Realistically though your budget is going to be around £200 for a used Spark or similar.


Reminds me of my first drone, the Phantom 3, I don’t miss lugging that thing around!