All ready for the 2018 season

All ready for the 2018 season, Brand new Mavic & homemade boosted 14dbi Antenna using the parts from my old Titan Cylcone. Tripod & CrystalSky mounts fixed to the antenna for a super easy quick setup. XT30 plugs flush mounted underneath for my aux batteries. This was my 3rd attempt making the antenna, I’m happy with it now.


Daaammmn that’s a nice setup :star_struck:

Love the battery connectors, looks almost OEM :+1:

So what’s the flight time like now?

Just when I think I’ve done all the mods I want to, got all the accessories I need, then a post like this appears on the forum :rofl:

Thanks Rich, I get around 40 mins flying at a constant 31-33mph

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1st flight with my homemade antenna, I’m happy with that


That’s an area of over 300 sq miles you can cover!
That’s an insane statistic! So insane I had to check I could correctly remember my π*r^2 formula correctly!

Does the POI feature work at that radius? π*d = >60 mile circle! LOL!

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It probably would lol, I only turned back home as I’d run out of countryside. The mavic can only go 58-59,000ft out before the software forces you back home

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How very unsporting! :stuck_out_tongue:


What would you say was your favourite mod?

14dBi boosted antenna or the battery mod.

Looks great.

I would have to say both as without one or the other I wouldn’t be able to get extreme distances.
I also have much bigger antenna 19dbi panels I’m gonna have a play with, It wont get me any further than the limit but my height I need to be should be a lot lower saving valuable battery %.

The panels were so cheap, £20 for 2 delivered I couldn’t resist

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That is cheap!

I’m after a pair of 14dBi panels for disco. Was thinking of mounting on a tripod with ball head.

Would be cool if somehow you could fit some kind of motorised head like ones for astrophotography and have it track AC.

I’m sure someone will make one eventually.

Hmmm … a few years ago on a Phantom group someone had a camera that followed the Phantom … I think it needed small transmitter on the P2.

There’s a chance that could be modded to hold the antenna.

What I do know is that the person that posted it has since died … but I’ll try and search back on the group and see if there’s still any posts of his.

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Actually - the name of it came to me …

The “tag” is a bit heavy, perhaps - which won’t help with range. :frowning:

But it might be the type of thing to research.

“Range 600ft” :frowning:

Oh my, frigging, G!!!

ALL of this from the comfort of my living room … ish!

And, my maths failed on the circumference … it’s 2π*r = >60 miles!

That’s pretty impressive.

I did have a Google there. Theres one which is a commercial solution but is also for tracking missiles and looks like it will cost a mint.

Then there’s this that looks like a SAM and only in prototype.

Then found this from ardupilot. Antenna Tracking — Copter documentation

Uses GPS and altitude to track.

I’ll prob just turn the tripod by hand lol.

That Soloshot would work … mounting the antenna in the reverse direction, then you wear the tag and stand with the antenna between you and the MP.

Probably overkill … you could use a piece of string on the tripod tied to your wrist to achieve the same … for the cost of a piece of string! :stuck_out_tongue: