All the people on here that live sooo close (West Mids)


When do you plan on doing this? Would be interested if it’s a go


If we do a poll of how many would like to have a meet-up, I can start the ball rolling with the farmer straight away for a spring and summer venue. It’s only as good as the people that attend and In the meantime if any one fancies to pop over they are more than welcome, weather permitting.


Ok what about parking and would the travellers area be an issue as in shooting down the drones…:shushing_face:


Parking area will be inside the field so a dry week is best, the travelers camp have no issues with my UAV and if anyone ever threatened to shoot your drone will be committing a very serious firearm offence and could loose their licence even if the weapon is not loaded.

The travelers are actually “new age” not the other and it’s in their interest to keep the peace to remain where they are.

They were granted permission by the farmer to camp for a bank holiday do last year without any issues.


Sounds good “WHEN”


Well this really is shaping up… this is what i like to see!! do we need an even committee lol…
As for different types of UAV’s its simple, use time slots. i for one wouldnt mind watching the races darting about and chatting to some of the pilots about them. so a shedule would work…
And if we opened it up to the entire club not just the west mids to which i am not in the west mids by the way… then we would attract many more pilots…
There will always be people that can not make certain dates so it just a case of choosin a date and that is that.


The invitation is to all members, families and friends, as for when, the weather will dictate, but I’m sure we can agree when roughly, say we look for a slot in May when the weather can be quite good.

I’ll pop down to the speedway tomorrow for their time table and also speak with the farmer. I’ll initially ask for permission for 20+ people. A small token donation to his cellar will oil him.

If someone wants to start a poll of how many would like to do this I’ll get the ball rolling tomorrow.
Please volunteer to make it work.

  • Visit Field Saturday
  • Visit filed Sunday
  • Either

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Your profile says you are :cry:


Sorry Ping, Nuneaton and Bedworth are in Warwickshire, which is not in the West Midlands, although the postcode is from Coventry which is why it may appear to be!


Dodgy geocoding no doubt :blush:



Although Wikipedia says ….

" Warwickshire (/ˈwɒrɪkʃər, -ʃɪər/ (About this sound|11x11listen); postal abbreviation Warks. ) is a landlocked county in the West Midlands region of England."


Thats the forum software getting it wrong when you put in Nuneaton, or my postcode… Im in Warwickshire yes, but actually on the east midlands side. Forum wont let me put in correct address… Nuneaton is not in west mids.

(Maybe i should finish reading before replying lol) Its not just the west mids part that is wrong, the whole address is wrong… Our council is Nuneaton and Bedworth but they are very different towns and not part of our address. Not only that but Warwichshire AND west mids would never appear on the same address as they are different counties all together…


We can make a three day event, Friday arrivals for campers with immediate flying once’s they have settled in, Saturday and Sunday unlimited flying. Maybe some knight flights on Saturday too.


Two days would be nice if poss.


Maybe I’ve missed something but how are you all charging your batteries?




Will she mind? :rofl:
Oh, wrong Jenny :laughing:


Like the idea of some Jousting.


How is the ground? Might give my old rc nitro buggy a service… and i have a barmy idea of making an rc boat for the pond…