GADC Meet - 17/19 May 2019, Rockingham Speedway

It looks like we need to set a date and based on the pole Saturday has it, so the middle of the month will be the weekend of May Friday 17/19.

Friday will be open for campers if anyone wants to camp, I’ll need names the week before to inform the farmer who will be there overnight. I don’t need personal details just a name and mobile number to ensure the farmer can contact any one person in the event the field needs evacuating,although unlikely but you never know


Count me in then will get a hotel can’t be doing sleeping in the damp at my age :man_white_haired:


Forgot to ask. Is my dog allowed? Will be on a lead at all times.

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Only if you fit it with fpv :wink:

Yes, but if the sheep are in any of the fields we’d be better off not having dogs; again it’s not written on stone so closer to the date, say the week before I’ll know where we are regarding the sheep.
The farmer may remove them for us especially if we make it worth his while by contributing a kings shilling or two.

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I’ve spoken with our ice cream man, he’s happy to stop by if we have at least 20 people and by the looks of his tummy I think he’s eating as much as he’s selling, he was much thinner six months ago…:joy:

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I would, but she like sniffing dogs arses. I’m not being first person on that!

Righto. I’ll get the missus to walk the dog.

Would love to attend but unfortunately away doing my flight school . Hopefully next time.

Sorry mate. But my misses if uffing. She is a camper girl but worried about toilets. Anything near for a woman? And yes. I have offered a bucket.

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You need the @ symbol to ping someone @notveryprettyboy mate :+1:t2:

Sorry mate. But my misses if uffing. She is a camper girl but worried about toilets. Anything near for a woman? And yes. I have offered a bucket.

@pingspike cheers man!

@badge please

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The nearest toilets are at ASDA during the day but if we can hire a loo over the weekend I’m sure, but that depends on how many people are definitely coming.

In order to accommodate for nature’s call, I’ll investigate the hire of a loo which will be part of a gate entrance fee.

What is the associated cost for us to have this meet?

  1. Farmers bribe per head, £5 under 18’s free

  2. Hire of a loo, TBA

  3. Food, water bring your own or club together.

  4. No alcohol whatsoever to be brought on site.

  5. Family-friendly Pubs are just 5 minutes drive.

  6. Campers are free to go out for pub meals and adult drinks, after flying is concluded,( all legal duties and responsibilities are yours).

  7. The organiser is not bound to any contract whatsoever and there is no contract of obligation (the farmer reserves the right to cancel the use of the field or fields at any time).If there has been a full day use of any field there will be no refund otherwise a full refund will be issued to those who show up.

  8. Parents and Guardians of all under 18’s take full legal responsibility for the behaviour and actions of their children.

  9. No Dogs if there will be sheep in any field, otherwise dogs will be allowed and may be let off the lead if it’s considered safe to do so.

  10. Dogs, we will be sure where we are closer to the date.

  11. last but not least let’s all have a great weekend free to fly without hindrance especially in this day
    and age.

  12. Harringworth Viaduct is only a short drive from the field we can all go down there and take some
    pictures from the public right of way footpath.

  13. Cars and valuables are the owners’ responsibility. at all times.


Really wanted to attend this meetup, but that weekend i’m Drag racing at Santapod (my other hobby) I hope it all goes well and is the start to a regular meet.


Well what a small world,you’ll only be down the road from us. I lived in Wellingborough as a lad, we used to hear the dragsters as the roared down the track :+1:

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For all those pilots attending the GADC meet in May, please remember to bring your new GADC attire to show off, “a sheep path will be used as a make shift cat walk” the winner will be judged on how well they minced it down the path and will receive photos and videos taken by other members.


I’ll be honest. If there’s sheep, my misses wont come as no dogs allowed. So i’ll do the bbq if its allowed? I’ll come though. There’s sheep after all.