All the people on here that live sooo close (West Mids)


I have a two seater hovercraft could be fun if allowed


Man im drooling right now


This could be shaping up to be a major event hahaha.


Depends on the number of sheep for short grass and :poop: to do donuts in.


Although the pond is accessible by going over the wire which we used to do, it’s not for the likes of a hovercraft or boat unfortunately.


Whatabout the field tho is it big enough


3 fields :scream_cat:


Count me in, shifts dependant


Update, the farmer is ok with camping and whatever we are up to and as long as we leave no litter in any of the fields.

He couldn’t guarantee that the grass will be short as it depends on the sheep rotation period.

The lambs by then if it’s in May will be coming up to three months old so no issues there.

The speedway is closed to racing and there’s no plans for that to ever take place under the new ownership. There’s some drifting going on for a little while and that’s it.

If it’s OK with you all I could Invite my local flying club for something different to fill in too.


I think what I need to know is what time and dates, where and how much?


For the location please scroll back up this thread to save repeating, the date is still open to voting, we just need to decide which month. I believe we may have a better chance of good weather around May.

If we have a definite number of people say 10 then we can nail it down to the best weekend weather wise.
I think £5-10 each to the farmer for allowing the use of his land is reasonable. If less than 5 or up to 5 people show up, there will be no fee I’ll give the farmer my usual gift of snake oil.

There’s no restrictions on the time and flying can commence as soon as people arrive and are ready to fly after a short briefing which we can do on here anyway.

I hope this helps to answer your question but please do ask anything you need to know and any help to organise this little venture is more than welcome.


My missus can do sausages and burgers on a bbq.


Ok, may availability for me is any weekend but 11/12.

Looked online and there seems to be some reasonable hotels nearby if anyone would be staying over


would have to be 18th 19th for me, and i would hotel it !!


Now we’re cooking :shallow_pan_of_food:
That’s great thanks, I take you can bring a BBQ? If we all bring something along like hotdogs, rolls, tea bags, jar of coffee.

“ anyone with a small caravan to use as a cafeteria “?

I’ll try milk one of the sheep if I can catch it…:crazy_face:


Wouldn’t be much of a bbq without one!:joy:
Beer tent?


I’ll bag second go on the sheep.


vasaline anyone?




Oh matron…