Am I Being Paranoid?

My new Zoom arrived yesterday (YIPEEE) but when I took the cellophane wrapper off I noticed that the seal on the main box had been opened. Thought perhaps they’d opened it to check the contents. Anyway, as I was taking stickers off, I noticed that the ones for the sensors, etc, were just stuck alongside them, not covering them. I thought they would have been put on to protect them, otherwise what would the reason be? Should they have been, or am I being paranoid that someone’s re-stuck them back on?
The drone doesn’t show any signs of being used.

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Who did you buy it from?


Not sold as “ex demo” or “refurbished” or anything I’m assuming.

I’d be right on to them and let them know I’m not happy - before I did anything. I’d guess it’s probably refurbished.

Depending on how that discussion pans out, I’d next consider powering it up and taking a pic. and checking the file ID (It should be “DJI_0001.JPG”.) and then even connecting to Assitant_2 and checking the log files start at “FLY001.DAT”, too.

Can’t recall how, but you can also check the production date from the serial number.

Send it back, should be sealed.
Would not attempt anything with it, period !.

Try here


Checked the serial no and it was built in March 2020 but on the internal hard drive there are 3 folders, one DCIM which contains the pic and video files I’ve taken today and they start at DJI_0001, so that appears OK but there are also 2 other folders,
LOST.DIR is empty but is “modified” dated 23/07/18
MISC is also “modified” 23/07/18, which contains 3 further folders
GIS - “modified” 23/07/18 but contains a file "DJI.Gis dated 12/05/ 2020
The other 2 folders only contain references to the pics and video I took today.

The problem is that you can’t talk to anyone due to lockdown, only via e-mail.

If you have opened it, then you will lose the chance to rectify getting a sealed one.

The 23/7/18 is probably some default system initialisation date, before it’s had the date updated from your device. (The M2Z wasn’t available then!)
I bet those would be today’s date if you reformatted.

So - if it’s is a refurbished one, it’s been properly reset.

The way DJI do refurbs is shipping them all back to China. So, with a March 2020 built date there’s not really time to ship to customer direct, return to DJI in Netherlands, ship back to China, go through their refurb process, ship back to Europe and out to Jessops.

More likely Jessops sent to customer, customer sent back (no income because of Covid?), they’ve checked and sent out.
Might have powered up without a device, hence default dates.
Only way to check if previously powered-up would be the DAT files via Assistant_2. Those files are created, and the numbers advance, on every power-up.

Whatever way you look at it, unless advertised as “ Refurbished or open box” ,should be NEW, unopened.


I’ve checked Assistant and there are no Data Files, so would assume it’s not been used ?
I’ll try and contact Jessops and see what they say.
Thanks for the advice.

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There should be! You’ve had it turned on!

You’re looking in the Log Files section of Assistant? It connects as a new drive. They aren’t on the SD card.

I’ve connected my Zoom to Assistant but when it opens it just shows Mavic Pro (which I also have and which has been previously connect to Assistant. What I think I’m seeing is the information for the Pro and as that’s not connected, there are no files!
How do I get Assistant to see the Zoom?

Specifically, I’m not sure that you need to do anything special.

An older version of Assistant, that you may have downloaded to use with the MP, won’t see the M2. New drivers are needed.

Best to uninstall the version you are using and download/install the current version of Assistant so that you have all the latest drivers installed.

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I bought my tello from Jessops a few weeks ago and that had been opened up and inspected. I did think it was a bit OTT but didnt worry as its only a hundred quid purchase.

Some retailers seem to think its necessary - to cover their own backs I think…?

@Pterodactyl Thanks again Terry, I’ve just download the latest version of Assistant and it does work now. There are files there but none prior to the date I got it, so it would seem legit. Thanks for your help.
@anon63544368 Thanks, I thought this was probably what happened but always think the worse.
The thing is that it’s covered 12 months with warranty, so if anything shows up I should be OK :frowning: !


If I had spent the amount of money that you had spent - I would be worried about it too.

Jessops are a long established business that are quite local to me in Oxfordshire - I am sure they will not quibble in any way.

Has it been activated already Peter?

If so, I’d reject it for sure.

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Although that said, I’m equally as paranoid and would probably reject it anyway :grimacing:

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@PingSpike I can’t find any evidence that it’s been activated. The Assistant doesn’t show any files prior to mine.


Or install it in a VM, especially if you are running a modded firmware install your MP (lots of help on the forum if you need it)