Anglezarke today

My first successful pano nothing exciting


Rather than just pasting a link, tf you follow the notes in : Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To : you get a far better experience on what appears here, plus (since just recently) it will go full-screen in situ rather than taking you to the Kuula page.

eg …

In any case, it gets you the Bird’s Eye Viewer Badge! :+1:

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Hi Dave thanks had a look at instructions but still not sure how to do step by step pleeeeeease :pensive:

The three steps are in that post I linked to.

You’ve done step 1, just steps 2 and 3 (which is the pasting here) to do.

Is that correct Dave or am I just thick copy n pasted rather than share ?

That’s just pasting the link …. you need to follow step 2 in that instruction post.

Step 2 - Get the embed code
Go to Share/Export - select “Embed code - (HTML)” and copy the code for the IFRAME

Cannot understand how I do that as just says share with link or copy n paste



Thank fook for that Dave lmao easy once you have sussed it many thanks :pray:

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In the panel on the right, you can (optionally) make a few changes.


  • Enabling the zoom can be good

  • Adding a bit of auto-rotate looks cool

  • Sticking their logo top-left makes sense - since that’s just boring sky initially, rather than what’s probably a lot more interesting.

I set all those in my version above.

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Ok will do thanks so much Dave still learning :+1:


What time were you there? I nearly popped over there myself today - looks quiet :+1:

Hi @DTH about 7 waiting for the sun up which never happened pfft