Another drone flyer on the way to court

At some point, you got to say ‘who are you (the government) to dictate all the rules’. ‘Why do I need your permission’.
Yes, we live in an elected democratic country. But come on. When ‘they’ want to do something, or make something law, it will happen. Just bullies mate.

I’m not saying break the law for the sake of it. I’m just saying that if someone want’s to do something and they aren’t being purposely dangerous, then live and let live

I did consider not getting the Operator ID, but wasn’t sure how arsey people would be at Corby. :wink: Maybe once I’ve met you all and had a chat. :stuck_out_tongue:

I might not bother next year. As I’ve mentioned before I don’t fly places where I might cause issue for others. I keep to myself mostly. Apart from Corby, I have no use for PLI either, for much the same reason. If I flew a drone into something or someone, I probably did it on purpose for some reason. PLI would be irrelevant in those circumstances. :smiley:

Does look like they intend to make an example but as above, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I’d venture a LOT of people may not be whiter than white if someone went through every single flight log historically.

Once you create a big enough of a mess its natural they’ll lookover previous history for future offences.

IF this cuts down the idiots allowing the rest of us to operate without increasing restrictions i dont see the problem.

There was a Singapore based flier who had fines totalling about £10k as they got him initially for 2 offences (well deserved, an idiot), went through his history and found others (home inside a FRZ, altitude, proximity to others) all off seized hard drives.

There are I think three ways of doing this (or a combination of them).

  1. Sellers have to include information explaing registration requirements & the drone code with the drones they sell.

  2. Sellers must pass on the name & adress of buyers to the CAA, who like TV licencing follow up if there’s no sign of a corresponding registration within, say, a month (it might be exported a gift of course).

  3. You can only buy a drone after you’ve passed DMARES.

Personally, I favour 1 and 2.

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None of that is required for buying or selling cars :confused:

And cars are far more deadly than drones.

How many people are killed each year by drones versus how many by cars?



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All the above is completely unenforceable.
The last thing we need are more rules and hoops to jump through that wont stop a single bad actor from ignoring.

On initial glance here the system worked - someone was dumb, got caught, go punished.

I’m a copper, without going into specifics about how these things are done, let’s just say that if I decided on a life of crime, it wouldn’t involve electronics in any way, shape or form. No computers, no smartphone, no email, no drones, nothing. At all. Ever. It does kind of limit your options a bit, but then so does prison :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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No, it hasn’t stopped them entirely, but did make it massively, massively more difficult to get hold of them. More and more criminal firearms in this country are reactivated antiques or blank firers which are nearly as dangerous to the user as the intended victim, quite simply because it’s almost impossible to get hold of a proper gun, and very expensive too.

Buying a new handgun in this country illegally will likely cost you several thousand pounds, which is a high entry requirement to go robbing places - if you’ve got that much money lying round the house, why do you need to rob people? Whereas over the pond, you can easily buy a handgun for a couple of hundred dollars, or steal one from just about anywhere, so any chump can get tooled up with ease.

Vaccination doesn’t stop 100% of disease, but anyone who thinks that means vaccination is a failure is so thick, they likely struggle with the mental effort of walking and breathing at the same time.

Make it a legal requirement for online sellers to record names and addresses when selling drones and forward it on to the CAA, and make people aware of that at the point of purchase. Unless you time-slipped back to the 1960’s and paid by Postal Order, then they’ve had to collect that information anyway from your payment details too. Have their system talk to the CAA ID checker to check the details match, voila!

Personally, if I bought a new one online I’d be pleased - it’s one less thing for me to have to do.

Thats a joke itself right there.

Is there any non commercial system in this country that integrates with others

Most likely because the CPS have advised further down the line that all the charges weren’t legally proveable, or not in the public interest. Unless you’ve got a murderer in custody, getting CPS advice before you charge someone is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, in a field full of haystacks, in a county full of fields, in the dark, whilst blindfolded and in a straight jacket. Successive governments cut CPS to the bone so they have to pay peanuts, so all the CPS lawyers with their 3 year law degrees soon leave for better paid, better lifestyle private practice. Same governments then moans when police officers with no training at all in charging standards and case prosecution then don’t get the decisions right all the time. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

If it’s a legal requirement and they get fined for non-compliance, they’ll find a way. Even if it’s paying some poor sods minimum wage to type the information in manually. When you send off for a new V5, Swansea type it in manually, and there’s a lot more cars bought and sold every year than drones.

And a lot more kill people, yet still uninsured and unlicensed folks drive around in them.

You should try been at the other end of that 101 line Nick, or try get an information sharing agreement with plod.

As a society drones are so low on the radar (excuse the pun)

A little patronising to assume I’ve never had to ring 101 myself, but never mind.

Same as my point about vaccination, nothing cures a problem 100%, but about 100,000 uninsured cars a year are taken off the road, and either sold at auction for the taxpayers benefit, or crushed. Fine, the idiots can go and buy another uninsured car, but that’s a very expensive cycle which prices a lot of potential repeat offenders out. Plus being caught in an unregistered, uninsured car is likely to get you a driving ban. Get caught again, fine’s in the thousands. Don’t pay it, or get caught a third time, you’re going to prison.

But the original point, which seems to have gone over your head (but hopefully at less than 400ft AGL :slight_smile: ), is that registering buyer data for drones is not an insurmountable problem, and solving the majority of a problem at zero expense to the taxpayer is well worth doing.

So who’s going to pay it?

Then you’ll know the frustration.

Errm, if it’s made a legal requirement on a retailer, then it’d be their problem. The extra admin cost to send an email with the information they already have to the CAA would be so miniscule, it’d only cost them a few pence, compared with the £400-£1,000 ish price of a new drone. I can’t see them changing the price of a new Mini 3 Pro from £859 to £859.15p, can you?

And yes, I know the frustration, you assumed otherwise. If you don’t like it, and who would, vote for someone who thinks properly funded public services are essential, not a luxury.

Problem is they all talk a good game.

Pretty easy to defeat. Someone on Reddit posted a list of Op ID and Flyer ID’s a couple of months back. Like 10 of them with names. Got taken down within an hour, all but two were valid. I’ve seen Op ID’s posted on FB as well. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Then everyone is complete banjaxed, because we only have two useless political parties (and a bunch of minority useless ones) that ever get in and neither is going to properly fund public services. Not to mention money isn’t exactly growing on trees at the minute, so anyone hoping public services, or for that matter, any services will be properly funded, is living in cloud cuckoo land.