Anybody familiar with Portsmouth?

Many years ago I worked on cruise ships. One of my old ships is in Portsmouth tomorrow. Is there a sensible place to fly from to get some pics. I don’t know the area well enough to use NATS.

Hi Lee. Is it a ship already docked or one due in? That may have a bearing on where you want to be for best viewing. I’m a member of Hampshire Drones on Facebook - you might want to try there as wll - I’ve aked the question for you to get things moving :slight_smile:

Great thanks. She’s actually due in on Friday morning rather than tomorrow. I was assuming that the pier area would be too close to the naval sites so is probably out. Ideally I would have liked a couple of “at sea” shots so the link from Ozonevibe would work, but if I could get a shot at the pier too that would be great.


If the ship is entering in daylight, there are excellent points along Southsea that give good access.

Probably from where Richard flew for these excellent shots …

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That’s great, thanks!

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Ah, I got here too late to help. Gilkicker point is where I flew from in Gosport

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Not too late! Time and circumstance have stopped me. She’s in again a few times over the next couple of weeks


Hey everyone,

I think there’s a few of you on here from around the Portsmouth area - I’ve seen some great shots. I wondered if anyone had any good takeoff locations / ideas for some shots looking back towards the Spinnaker Tower etc? I think looking at the map, somewhere near the South Pier?


Moved your post to this pre-existing thread asking the same, and offering some ideas for around that area.
Others may add more ideas.

I went from this spot in the end. It’s a really good place. 500m is roughly half way across the harbour entrance so you could get some great views. Beware of the gulls!