Anyone in the NW with the DJI FPV Kit?

I’m thinking about getting it - I’d love someone to demo it for me!
Don’t worry - I don’t want to fly - I just want to see what the display is like :+1:
I’m used to quite a large FOV on my FXT’s (the display Fills my field of view)
I’m seriously considering selling the M2Z, (again), and getting stuck into FPV - for those of you that have seen my feeble attempts at flying FPV so far you’ll know what a gamble this is for me :wink:

Obviously I’d need to get a grown-up size Quad rather that the tiny ones I have.
I’ve seen a few YouTuber’ers say that it’s slightly easier to fly a bigger quad - any truth in this? @callum @Wyntrblue @notveryprettyboy
All advice welcome :slight_smile:

I loath micros on the whole. Don’t sell your mavic…

Best thing to do is… read my primer then ask exactly what you need…

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I’m in Preston and have a DJI 550 hexcopter (6 motors) with extended arms and E600 power. I have DJI goggles but due to a stroke, have restricted view in one eye, so use a monitor. You can have a look if you want, see what it’s like, let me know.


Don’t worry - I’ve read it several times :+1: Great info.

The thing is - I’m not a photographer - It’s the flying & exploring I love - this is becoming impossible with the autonomous drone side of the hobby now.

Flying low and fast, (with the appropriate skills), is amazing when it goes well - And expensive when it doesn’t , (hence the smaller, inexpensive quads so far)

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Top offer Peter, but I think Dave was after the DJI FPV kit ( rather than the ‘regular’ goggles.

To get started I really recommend getting a radio and flying a sim. Learn the basics over winter and once you can fly around in the sim start your build.

I heartily recommend the unmannedtech source 1 kit btw (if it’s in stock)

WHOOPS, thanks Rich, not really into FPV so didn’t even know about all that kit :grinning:


I have written a full review for it (can’t publish it here till the magazines done it) but the review in brief…

Goggles amazing (let down by poor foams and no analog rx)
Air unit not bad at all but big so needs a little creativity to fit in any given frame

Transmitter - total utter garbage do not buy

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I’d like to go off on a slight tangent. I have skyzone goggles. Yes, they are analogue. The FOV is ok. 16.9. I Also have an ev800d. This is a big box goggle. But it’s great for slow flying as the fov is so much larger.
However. What I would LOVE to see is a HD FPV with… peripheral vision! So you get a more immersive experience.

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Cheers James :+1:
I’ve been flying FPV, (ok, there’s a fair amount of ‘unscheduled landings’ involved too :wink:), for a while. I’m just not amaze-balls at it :grin:

Here are some of my admittedly mediocre efforts so far :man_facepalming:

I’ve got a Jumper T12 TX with multi-protocol module and an R9m, both of my micro frames now have R9mm Tx’s - so range is great and no longer an issue, even around challenging environments - it’s the analogue VTX that’s the weak spot :+1:

I have The DRL sim, (not terribly realistic but great for practising stick control and general arsing about), FPV air 2, (more realistic when compared to my current FPV quads, but still not quite right), Velocidrone, ( Hate it, doesn’t feel right at all), and LiftOff, feels closest to how flying my own gear feels and makes me feel like a complete amateur :joy:)

100degrees fov on Dji blows everything else out of the water.

@dht what vtx, video rx and antennas are you using?

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For the RX (FXT Goggles)…

A choice of…
Menace patch antenna
Menace pagoda antenna
Crazypony antenna
Foxeer patch antenna
O.G linear antenna

I seem to get the best from the Foxeer Patch paired with the Crazypony RHCP :+1:

For the TX

A choice of…
O.G Linear antenna
Foxeer Lollipop 3

Lollipop wins hands-down, no contest.

All RHCP :+1:

VTX on the Primo is 25 to 200mw
VTX on The other one is 25 to 600mw (higher power just seems to make more multipath-type noise :man_facepalming:)

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FOV = Immersion :+1:

Hi @Rafter - thanks for the offer :+1:

I’ve just had a look online at the DJI 550 - that looks like a monster! - it’s huge :slight_smile: - and more than a little intimidating!
I’m liking the idea of race/freestyle quads at the mo - see if I can keep up with the kids :wink:
Genuinely sorry to hear about your stroke - a close family member has had to deal with the same - I know what a pain in the arse a stroke can be to recover from, re-learn and all that :+1:

From my experience - looks like fun - bloody hard to do well :+1:

Ok so that looks like a reasonable setup I tend to fly 25mw most of the time on my gear unless I’m going further out.

Can you record what the FTC screen looks like when your having problems?

Damn - I caved.


Drop me your address in pm and I will print you the mod for the sides that helps with the light leak issue


Cheers James - I appreciate that :+1:

What does it feel like going back to your analogue kit after flying the DJI gear?

I’m yet to try it in the air - It’s still in bits - I have to drill the frame and move the stack around to fit the air unit in - (Anyone want to buy a hardly-used Split-Mini 2 :wink: )

It adds approx 27g overall after taking off 28g of analogue bits off - so not too bad in that respect.

I’ve got the uart connected and the betaflight pass-through is working fine, I’ve set up rssi callouts on the tx as there’s no on-screen indicator when you use your own rx. Just the drilling to do, screw it all back together and then wait for a dry day :+1:

I’ve also ordered this to use with the goggles :+1:

Going back to analog… Errm… errrr yea… you can’t make me I won’t do it!

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Oh and Dji are looking to implement more of e betaflight osd in future firmwares

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