AOS 5 O3 - My first self-build

Following on from a lot of great advice and support in the FPV Lounge thread, I decided to take the plunge and build myself an FPV drone.

I have settled on a 5 inch with the new DJI O3 air unit.

TOTAL: 537.54

*Excluding accessories such as charger, cloth tape, etc.

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A couple of weeks ago, the O3 air unit arrived. Today, the AOS 5 O3 frame arrived from CNC drones in Canada. Everything else is still to come, but I’d thought I’d have my first bash at assembling the frame.



I found a vid online, but it was pretty straight forward and took about 15 minutes to work out where everything went. I am happy with the quality and look of the frame, seems solid

Can’t really progress further until the ESC, motors, etc arrive.


Good start Chris
I’ll be following this build :+1:

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Won’t take you as long to disassemble … as soon as there’s a windy day! :crazy_face:

Thanks Steve. I must admit, I am enjoying this.

That said, I am pretty sure I the “flying bit” I am going to find terrifying! :joy:

I’ll come over and watch … and video. :+1:


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Same number of “frames” as the drone itself? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really looking forward to watching your build progress Chris, it’ll be a different animal to your Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle. Youre going to love it! :smiley:

Thanks Steve. I really do hope there’s a big difference between this an my TH2F. That’s fun, but very unstable. The slightest bum squeak sends it 3m off course :dash:

Im drooling… Don’t lose it, please… :slight_smile:

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Mate, it’s days are numbered already.

#FindersKeepers! :wink:

Enjoy your 8 minutes of flight time :rofl:

you’ll be swimming in lipos before you know it! I’d say 6 to 8 is around the sweet spot or a decent field charging setup :+1:t2:


Heh yeah, did notice the 2 x batteries, defo need more. I feel 4/5 with someway to charge in field is OK, but many options :wink:

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Nah. One for acquiring GPS lock … and a second for losing it.

It will be way more stable in the wind mate and being a 6s 5" build youll have loads of power in reserve for when you need it. Just take it easy while you get used to the extra power, itll be like jumping from a 50cc moped to Ducati 900 :laughing:

On a serious note. If I was going to buy and build (and had the available cash). that shopping list would be exactly what I’d do… Maybe a H7 FC, but… yeah that’s bob on!

Now… 2 batteries, but 12 sets of props? You’ll only need 1 set if losing on first flight :wink:

I will be getting more for sure :+1:

But currently a little strapped for cash, mainly due to that fake marketing ploy called Christmas, kids who no longer think “Kerplunk” is a worthy main present and a wife who doesn’t acknowledge the financial crisis :man_facepalming: