Apparently, my drone is due a service

Digging around on AirDataUAV I stumbled upon some service and maintenance details.

Any Airdata users follow their recommendations?

There’s a whole host of steps to perform for the battery maintenance too :nerd_face:

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Yes, Ive been using it for a while, back to my P3A days.

Services are pretty straightforward to do, and hopefully of beneift

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Blimey, service after 200 minutes, it’s not long really is it.

Mine is on about 1350 minutes, slightly overdue then lol

Yeah it’s only the basic service, my third Mavic :wink:

The battery ones are interesting, as are the drone ones really, here’s some examples of their recommendations:

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Are you using the HD 360 Gold Package?



@Blainey Yes indeedy, I bought it in the black friday sales :slight_smile:

They often run 20% off promo codes, might be worth hanging on as they’ll probably do another one in a month or two :wink: